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Title: A superior intellect
Post by: andyw1691 on October 09, 2013, 09:09:42 AM
Now here’s a thought. In Count to a Trillian and its sequel The Hermetic Millennia we have one Illation Montrose who was initially a normal but intelligent human. He then inject a serum which makes him a post human genius dramatically increasing the power of his brain. He is able for example to logically divide up his mind to deal with different tasks or problems. It also gives him the ability to control his body down to a cellular level. At one point he adjusts his eye’s sensitivity and image processing sped to give him an advantage. Despite all of these improvements and vast intellect Montrose remains human with very human emotions including anger and bearing grudges.

Now the crux of this post – is it reasonable to assume that a superior intellect would still retain normal human emotions?

Just wondering…