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NBC Universal, the Comcast-owned media empire, is launching a new venture, NBC Publishing, to produce electronic and print books under the NBC brand. But make no mistake: NBC Publishing’s approach to books will be digital-first.

News / Joel Silver taking 'Ben 10' to bigscreen!
« on: January 31, 2012, 07:55:20 AM »
Joel Silver has signed on to develop a live-action feature film based on Cartoon Network's "Ben 10" sci-fi franchise, with an eye toward distribution through Warner Bros.

Press Releases / Shirley MacLaine to star in Downton Abbey!!
« on: January 31, 2012, 07:07:15 AM »
Carnival Films and ITV have announced that Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Shirley MacLaine (Bernie, In Her Shoes, Terms of Endearment, The Apartment) will join the cast of Downton Abbey when they begin filming on series three next month.  In a deal brokered by ICM International Creative Management, Shirley will be playing new character Martha Levinson, Lady Grantham’s mother.

Shirley MacLaine’s illustrious career comprises more than 50 feature films highlighted by an Academy Award® win and six nominations, six Emmy® Awards nominations and seven Golden Globe® Awards, including the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award.  She is also an international best-selling author for her 2008 book, “Sage-Ing While Age-Ing” followed by her latest New York Times best-seller, “I’m Over All That – And Other Confessions,” released on April 5th, 2011.

Carnival Films’ Managing Director, Gareth Neame said, “My late grandfather directed Shirley MacLaine in Gambit in 1966 so it is a delight for me that she will be joining us on Downton Abbey.  Julian has written another brilliant character in Martha Levinson, who will be a wonderful combatant for Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess and we are excited at the prospect of Shirley MacLaine playing her.”

Laura Mackie, Director of Drama at ITV said, "It is so exciting to have an actress of Shirley MacLaine's stature joining our brilliant Downton Abbey cast for series three and a tribute to the show's success on both sides of the Atlantic".

The first series of Downton Abbey premiered on ITV in the U.K. and on MASTERPIECE on PBS in the U.S. to critical acclaim and collected a number of awards including six Primetime Emmys®, a Golden Globe® and a Producers Guild Award for Outstanding Producer of Long-Form Television.  The second series increased its audience by 20% in the U.K. and is currently transmitting in the U.S. with an increase of almost 30%.

Downton Abbey, written and created by Julian Fellowes, is a Carnival/Masterpiece co-production.  The producer is Liz Trubridge and the executive producers are Gareth Neame, Managing Director, Carnival Films, Julian Fellowes and Rebecca Eaton, Masterpiece.

In 1993, Sandman scribe Neil Gaiman wrote an issue of Todd McFarlane's blockbuster Image comic Spawn. And in that comic, he introduced a number of characters—but he never received the royalties he believed he was due. For 10 years, Gaiman has been suing McFarlane ... until now.

Press Releases / NASA releases first multi-player Facebook game
« on: January 30, 2012, 02:24:55 PM »
NASA has launched its first multi-player online game to test players' knowledge of the space program. Who was the first American to walk in space? Who launched the first liquid-fueled rocket? These are only a few of the questions players can answer in Space Race Blastoff.

Available on Facebook, Space Race Blastoff tests players' knowledge of NASA history, technology, science and pop culture. Players who correctly answer questions earn virtual badges depicting NASA astronauts, spacecraft and celestial objects. Players also earn points they can use to obtain additional badges to complete sets and earn premium badges.

"Space Race Blastoff opens NASA's history and research to a wide new audience of people accustomed to using social media," said David Weaver, NASA's associate administrator for communications. "Space experts and novices will learn new things about how exploration continues to impact our world."

NASA chose to make the game available through Facebook to take advantage of the social media site's large audience and enable players to compete against others. Individuals also can play solo games.

Once in the game, players choose an avatar and answer 10 multiple-choice questions. Each correct answer earns 100 points, with a 20-point bonus to the player who answers first. The winner advances to the bonus round to answer one additional question for more points.
Correctly answering the bonus question earns the player a badge.

Space Race Blastoff was developed by Scott Hanger, Todd Powell and Jamie Noguchi of NASA's Internet Services Group in the Office of Communications. Play the game now at

News / 2000AD 35th birthday party coming up at the sold-out SFX Weekender
« on: January 30, 2012, 10:32:34 AM »
With the official 2000AD 35th birthday party coming up this weekend at the sold-out SFX Weekender in Prestatyn, we’re officially kicking things off by revealing one of the TWO zarjaz covers that will be gracing the anniversary prog – first up is this beauty by legendary art droid Chris Weston! This cornucopia of characters brings Brian Bolland’s classic cover, used on the front of 2000 AD history title Thrillpower Overload, bang up to date with Defoe, Zombo, Stickleback, Shakara, Absalom and Dirty Frank amongst many others.

‘Now That What I Call Music!’ trademark dispute with Andrew O’Neill’s steampunks THE MEN THE WILL NOT BE BLAMED FOR NOTHING

With disputed debut album ‘Now That’s What I Call Steampunk! Volume 1‘ being released back in 2010., trademark owners EMI have been somewhat slow to catch-up to the time-travelling neo-Victorian band’s antics.

News / A Sci-Fi Swarm And Horror Horde by Tom Weaver (book review)
« on: January 30, 2012, 06:20:47 AM »
When I first opened the plastic seal of this book, 'A Sci-Fi Swarm And Horror Horde', a quick flick to look at the photos also revealed what appeared to be articles than interviews. Reading Tom Weaver's introduction, he explains that there were many occasions where those he interviewed would speak at length without a need for questions and just had to doctor a little to ensure some questions were added to break the dialogue up a little.

It's 'The First Wave' and the Doctor, Steven (Peter Purves) and Oliver (Tom Allen) find out there's a time for life and there's a time to die. That's what Steven's got stuck in his head anyway. Must have been listening to too many Seekers' songs. He's obsessed with death and curiously enough death seems to be stalking the team as they follow their destiny to a planetoid called Grace Alone.

News / Build Your Own Time Machine by Brian Clegg (book review)
« on: January 29, 2012, 10:27:59 AM »
Time is rot. Hmmm...let me rephrase that. Time is a measure of decay. Author Brian Clegg doesn't exactly say that in his book, 'Build Your Own Time
Machine' as the correct word is enthalpy, which is the measure of any system breaking down. We might put something together but ultimately it always
falls down again.

News / Doctor Who: two long-lost episodes uncovered
« on: December 11, 2011, 01:28:10 PM »
Galaxy 4 part three and The Underwater Menace part two found by collectors.

Just read this on the Kindle, thanks, and I really enjoyed it; one of the best science fiction novels I've started for quite a while, in fact.

Is there a in-print version of the novel or is it e-book only?



Press Releases / ARCANA COMICS meets Hollywood
« on: July 07, 2011, 08:30:31 AM »
Arcana Studios, a comic book publisher and transmedia producer, is thrilled to annouce a couple of talented writers signing at the Arcana booth at San Diego Comic Con, Hans Rodionoff and Tom Akel.
The entertainment industry is rife with creators crossing between genres, but these days it seems to be particularly prevalent within the film and tv industries crossing over into the realm of comic books. Bringing a "big budget" mentality to the comic book world, Hans Rodionoff, writer of Lost Boys: The Tribe and Lost Boys: The Thirst, as well as one of the writers of the new Voltron Force TV series, recently crossed into the comic book medium, bringing us the ultra-creepy Raise Kane, a loose adaptation of Citizen Kane with "all of the blood, s e x, and death that Orson Welles originally intended." Hans will be appearing at the Arcana Comics booth 2415 on Friday, July 22 from 2:00 - 2:45 PM and Saturday, July 23 from 1:00 - 1:45 PM.
Tom Akel, former lead of the mobile and broadband division for Comedy Central and current head of production for shows and games at MTV Digital, introduced us to his Arcana book, Anywhere, as a limited series, which was recently collected and released as a graphic novel. Anywhere is about the misadventures of Dust and Wormhole, two twenty-somethings who possess the power to go anywhere, but are more interested in unlocking the nude code in Tomb Raider than saving the day. Tom Akel will be appearing at the Arcana Comics booth 2415 on Friday, July 22 from 1:00 - 1:45 PM and Saturday, July 23 from 2:00 - 2:45 PM.
Don't miss these amazing talents at SDCC this year or any of the other creators appearing at the Arcana Comics booth, 2415, from July 20 - July 24.

Friday, July 22, 2011 - Booth 2415
Tom Akel - 1:00 - 1:45 PM
Hans Rodionoff - 2:00 - 2:45 PM

Saturday, July 23, 2011 - Booth 2415
Hans Rodionoff - 1:00 - 1:45 PM
Tom Akel - 2:00 - 2:45 PM

Press Releases / ARCANA COMICS now available for the iPad and iPhone
« on: July 07, 2011, 05:46:42 AM »
Arcana Studios, an award winning comic book publisher and transmedia producer, is excited to announce that an app is now available, showcasing all of the amazing books Arcana has to offer.
Joining in with the digital revolution, Arcana Studios has been looking for the best way to offer their readers access to their substantial library of over 150 comic book titles on smart devices. Using the comiXology platform, Arcana has developed an app bringing their books into the hands of the masses. Available now as a free download for the iPad and iPhone, Arcana's app will allow readers to download any of a large number of books for some of the most competitive prices in the industry. The app features a number of free comics available for download and other titles are $5.99 each. The majority of these downloads are full length graphic novels! View screen shots of the app and download a free copy at
Since 2004 Arcana Studios has established itself as an innovative leader in developing content in numerous mediums. Arcana owns one of the world’s largest libraries of graphic novels and comics, and has adapted this library into live action feature films, stereoscopic 3D animated features, episodic television series and toys. Arcana focuses on a transmedia approach to the scaffolding process of developing brands and intellectual properties.
Arcana's primary method for establishing new brands has been through comic book publishing since their inception, Arcana Comics has published over 150 original intellectual properties in nearly 200 graphic novels reaching sales of over 2,000,000 units. Arcana is found on 15 different countries and translated into seven languages across the globe. Winning the Shuster Award for Top Publisher, the Moonbeam Award for Top Children's Graphic Novel, Foreward Magazine’s Top Graphic Novel at Book Expo America, BIV's Top 40 Under 40 Award and the Top 40 Under 40 in Canada are just a few of the accolades that Arcana has achieved. Arcana has also been awarded the Digital Readiness Grant from BCFilm, a development fund from Telefilm, the Digital Springboard Program from NMBCA, the CME’s Top Export Award and BIV’s Top Fastest Growing Companies Award.
Each graphic novel showcases the high quality branded entertainment that contains over 5000 characters. These characters and storyworlds transcend gender, age, cultural and geographic boundaries. Arcana’s focus towards new media platforms has kept it ahead of the industry’s curve providing customer choice for distribution and format of content.
Completing our debut title Kade, we had great success with the gothic hero and began to see the potential we had uncovered. Ant was Arcana's follow-up title and completely sold out in less than 9 days, an unprecedented feat for an independent publisher. Ezra and 100 Girls went on to be featured as one of the top 12 books of the year in Wizard's Secret Stash. Arcana Studio is an official Disney vendor, and has been hired by Disney, Sony Animation, Spike TV, MTV, HBO, CAPCOM, NBC, Warner Bros, Mattel, American Girl, the National Hockey League, Harley Davidson, THQ and more to establish new worlds, characters, stories and brands.

Arcana is a transmedia company that has aggressively pursued establishing brands through engaging storytelling and compelling art. With a strong foothold in the print publishing world, Arcana continues to be a premier content provider. Arcana owns one of the world’s largest libraries of graphic novels and comics, and has adapted this library into live action feature films, stereoscopic 3D animated features, episodic television series and toys.

Arcana Studio Inc. remains independent of major entertainment studio affiliation. Arcana Studio is currently in production of the stereoscopic 3D animated feature, The Clockwork Girl. Arcana is also partnered with Gale Ann Hurd (“Terminator”, “Aliens”) on Gearhead, Alexandra Milchan (Sylvestor Stallone’s “Head Shot”) on Blade of Kumori, Hans Rodinoff and Hollywood Media Bridge (“Lost Boys: The Tribe”) on Raise Kane, Scott Milam (“Mother’s Day”) on Gauze, Ben Magid (“Hack/Slash”) on Trout, Jar Productions (“Hidden Howie”) on Philosopher Rex, Terry Dougas (“The Invention of Lying”) on The Tower, Doc Wyatt (“Napoleon Dynamite”) on 100 Girls, JC Spink (“The Hangover”) on Continuum, Adrian Askarieh (“The Hitman”) on Amnesia and also is producing a three slate at Codeblack/Universal for Light’s Out, Ant and Blam!

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