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« on: November 04, 2011, 06:46:10 AM »
Fighting Owl Films is pleased to announce that the family-friendly supernatural-fantasy-adventure-comedy “The Night Shift” received North American DVD distribution by R-Squared Films on October 25. The film has been met with critical acclaim and a positive response from fans. The Night Shift is currently available at (, Walmart and many other retailers.

“The Night Shift” is a supernatural-adventure-comedy about Rue Morgan, the undead night watchman at Pinewood Oaks Cemetery. Rue, along with his buddy Herb, a limbless corpse, spends his nights trying to keep the cemetery’s cantankerous residents in, and his days dreaming of a date with hard-nosed day-shifter, Claire. It’s an okay afterlife until a scourge of supernatural occurrences leaves Rue not only watching the cemetery, but also watching his back!

To stay abreast of the latest updates, please become a fan of Fighting Owl Films on Facebook ( For more information, trailers, downloads, photos and cast information, please visit

« on: November 04, 2011, 06:45:44 AM »

Publisher Mohawk Media has today released the first issue of its digital comic book series, Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde.

Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde is written by Chris Bunting and illustrated by JL Czerniawski, who previously collaborated on the publisher’s Mr. T graphic novels.

Bunting says: “I’ve already written a few famous faces, but this is something extra special: bringing a number of world-famous characters together for the ultimate showdown.

“My other goal was to redress the mistreatment these characters have so often received. Robin Hood isn’t portrayed here as the gallant hero he obviously never was, and Dracula is closer in tone to the original than perhaps ever before.

“As for Jekyll and Hyde, he was the main inspiration for the Hulk. Because of this, it never felt right that Hulk was always portrayed as bigger and stronger… until now.

“But this isn’t just a horror tale, despite the Halloween launch of issue #1. It’s full of supernatural, sci-fi, superheroics – and good old-fashioned scraps.

“It’s a clash of genres as much as it is a clash of the characters who embody and represent those genres.”

Editor Stuart Buckley adds: “It feels right for a British writer to bring these British-born legends together through a British publisher. The characters’ quintessential ‘Britishness’ won’t be lost in translation as it so often has been in the past.

“As a result, we expect this series to have major global appeal. The first issue is ready to download worldwide now.

“Like many readers, we miss the days when a clash between the likes of Thing and Hulk generated far more interest than publicity stunts which seem to get in the way of solid storytelling, like ‘killing off’ the hero. We hope to bring that kind of excitement back.”

Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde will initially be a three issue series available monthly exclusively via the publisher’s groundbreaking line of ECO COMICS, with further instalments of the series to be announced.

It is expected to usher in a “versus” range of titles from the publisher.

Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde #1 is a twenty-page issue, and is available to order now in various digital formats via the Eco Comics store: for $1.95 (approximately £1.20).

Solaris is proud to announce it has commissioned the next book from one of the most exciting new voices in science fiction, Gareth L. Powell
Ack-Ack Macaque will be published in January 2013. Based on a short story published in 2007, the author describes the story as ‘a fusion of alternate history and gonzo cyberpunk’.

In a world where France and Great Britain merged in the late 1950s, Powell has crafted an environment where nuclear-powered Zeppelins encircle the globe, electronic ghosts stalk the living, and a king lies dying; a world in which a half-brained woman struggles to solve a deadly riddle in order to regain her stolen soul, and a monkey sets about killing as many online gamers as possible, in order to avert Armageddon.

With the scale of Iain M. Banks and the intrigue of Alistair Reynolds, Powell’s The Recollection was published by Solaris earlier this year and brought a stunning breath of fresh air into epic science-fiction – an astounding novel about both personal human relationships and their place in the vastness of time and space.

“It’s a real thrill to discover a great new voice in SF,” said Jonathan Oliver, editor-in-chief of Solaris. “I was utterly blown away by Gareth’s The Recollection and Ack-Ack-Macaque will show again how diverse and incisive a writer Powell is.”

Press Releases / Solaris Rising (edited by Ian Whates)
« on: November 04, 2011, 06:44:26 AM »
Two of the biggest names in contemporary science fiction – Peter F. Hamilton and Alastair Reynolds – have spoken about their work in a fresh new anthology of SF from Solaris.

The authors of the Night's Dawn Trilogy and the Revelation Space series are both included in Solaris Rising – the first in an exciting new series of anthologies set to reaffirm Solaris’s proud reputation for producing high quality SF.

"Original fiction anthologies are the lifeblood of SF, the proving ground for new ideas and themes, as well as a great place to discover new writers,” Alastair Reynolds. “Solaris Rising fills a vital need, and I'm very pleased to have been a part of it."

In a book full of boundless variety, energy and imagination, award-winning editor Ian Whates gathers the most accomplished writers in the genre including Ian McDonald, Paul di Filippo, Stephen Baxter, Adam Roberts, Pat Cadigan, Eric Brown, Alastair Reynolds and Peter F. Hamilton.

"When Ian asked me to contribute to this anthology and showed me the other names involved I never hesitated,” Peter F. Hamilton.  “Even though my story isn't quite SF in the true sense, I'm still pleased it managed to get in there."

Bizarre futures, gritty other worlds and strange realms, Solaris Rising exemplifys the diversity and innovation that continue to make science fiction the most thrilling genre there is.

£7.99 (UK) ISBN 978-1-907992-08-7   $7.99/$9.99 (US & CAN) ISBN 978-1-907992-09-4

Cosplayers should get themselves to the NEO stand in the Anime Village at the MCM Expo London Comic Con this weekend, where they can enter the magazine’s Cosplay Idol competition by getting their photo taken for free by our professional photography team!

The Cosplay Idol competition is searching for the nation’s best cosplayer – and in order to win, you’ll have to prove your worth and produce the best cosplay photograph you can, as you’ll be judged on pose and poise, as well as costume and talent! The cosplayer with the best photo wins a host of great prizes, including pride of place on our NEO Cosplay Calendar, a laptop computer, a dedicated feature in the magazine, and a NEO goody bag! Runners up will also feature in the calendar and get a goody bag too.

Not only is it free to enter the competition, but you can also purchase a print of your entry at our stand as well! Your photo will be taken in a professional setting with studio lighting and a white backdrop, and will come as a mounted, A4, borderless print for £6.99. Plus, if you purchase a photo, you’ll get £2 off our special Expo subs deal, consisting of £10 (that’s just £8 for cosplay photo purchasers!) for three issues and a free volume of manga.

Cosplay Idol entrants under 18 will need to bring with them a copy of our model release form, signed by a parent or guardian. Please visit, download the text, print it out and bring it with you, signed. Unfortunately, we cannot accept entrants under 18 without permission from their parents or guardians.

For more information on NEO magazine, visit or

For London MCM Expo tickets visit: 

Press Releases / iSly, the new, sci-fi book by Stanley Gerson
« on: November 04, 2011, 06:42:57 AM »
Why are even non science-fiction people reading and enjoying iSly, the new, sci-fi book by Stanley Gerson? One answer can be found in its five star, reader review at Amazon:

“. . .Great read, even for non Sci-Fi lovers. . .by luvtoread. . .

iSly is a science fiction story about robots that prompts its readers to think about the major issues of human survival, today and in the future. . .I normally don't enjoy reading sci-fi novels but when I read the short description of this book it reminded me a little of I, Robot with Will Smith and so I decided to give it a try, I really enjoyed reading this book.”

Luvtoread's comment draws on other themes that emerge in the book: androido-tech dystopia vs. eco-friendly living, androids salvaging human society, android, computer, runaway—called a singularity, and can humans and androids be friends?

Reader reviews are good; books are selling. Why not have a look at the book, iSly? (Just point your search engine to): ; the cover alone is an attention grabber. Imagine having your own copy to read and show your friends.

Press Releases / Babylon Steel by Gaie Sebold
« on: November 04, 2011, 06:41:54 AM »
Your fantasies fulfilled on 27th December (UK) and on 5th January 2012 (US & Can).

£7.99 (UK) ISBN 978-1-907992-37-7
$7.99 (US & Canada) ISBN 978-1-907992-38-4

Also available as an eBook

Ex-sword-for-hire Babylon Steel runs the best brothel in the city. She’s got elves using sex magic upstairs, S&M in the basement, a green troll cooking breakfast in the kitchen, and she’d love you to visit, except…

She’s not having a good week. The Vessels of Purity are protesting against brothels, her girls are disappearing, and if she can’t pay her taxes she’s going to lose her business. Despite giving up the mercenary life, when the mysterious Darask Fain pays her to find a missing heiress, she has to take the job. And then her past starts to catch up with her in other, more dangerous ways.

Babylon Steel sees the start of an exciting new fantasy series. Witty and fresh, debut author Sebold delivers the most exciting take on the fantasy genre in years.

Press Releases / Subtext - the reading app
« on: November 04, 2011, 06:41:07 AM »
I'd like to introduce you to Subtext, a new reading app that just launched on the iPad. We have two big speculative fiction titles on our featured bookshelf that may interest your readers: Game of Thrones with expert notes from GRRM’s editor Anne Groell and lead researcher Elio Garcia (also one of the founders of and Machine Man with behind-the-scenes annotations by author Max Barry.

An in-depth article by fantasy blogger Sean Collins on the creation of the annotated version of Game of Thrones is available here: The Subtext app is free--with free previews of both books--and available for download now:

We are a digital reading company with a vision to power the first community of readers, authors and experts inside every ebook. Subtext makes it simple and fun to read with friends, family and like-minded readers--even if they are miles (or pages) apart. For Subtext's launch we have collaborated with several major publishers--including Penguin, Random House and Simon & Schuster--to offer consumers a collection of eighteen books enhanced with notes and media from authors, critics and experts. The app has also been featured in Publishers Weekly, Gizmodo and TechCrunch.

Press Releases / Cubicle 7 launches its own book imprint
« on: November 04, 2011, 06:40:06 AM »
Having already conquered the world of roleplaying games, one of the most dynamic RPG publishers in Britain is now advancing into the world of fiction.

Cubicle 7 is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of its new fiction imprint – Cubicle 7 Fiction.

In cooperation with the established and successful Solaris and Abaddon Books imprints, Cubicle 7 Fiction will publish between three and five novels and anthologies a year based upon its terrific science fiction, fantasy, and speculative properties.

The first title will be Sarah Newton’s far future adventure, Mindjammer. The novel and its universe can be explored at the new website

Mindjammer will be released in ebook format late this month, with a release of physical print edition to follow. Additional titles will be announced in the months to come.

Cubicle 7 has already earned a stellar reputation thanks to the quality of the RPG games, which range from aliens and trans-humans to vistas of a far-flung future and Steampunk dystopias peopled by Frankensteinian monsters. Its stable of imagination-fuelled intellectual properties has inspired and driven numerous roleplaying game lines.

“With Solaris, Abaddon, and Cubicle 7 all under the Rebellion umbrella, we have a great opportunity to expand the scope of our settings,” said Dominic McDowall-Thomas, CEO of Cubicle 7. “We’re in a great position to take advantage of the expertise and resources of an established publishing house, and we can bring our properties to life in a way that supports the games but also allows the fiction to stand on its own.”

Conventions and events / First Guests Confirmed For Memorabilia Birmingham
« on: November 04, 2011, 06:39:03 AM »
From sci-fi to soaps, Hollywood to Hi-De-Hi!, the Winter Memorabilia Show has it all! Held at NEC Birmingham on 19-20 November, Britain’s biggest collector’s show features a stunning line-up of special guests from the world of film, TV and sports.

This year’s guest list includes KAI OWEN (Torchwood); SIR DEREK JACOBI (The King’s Speech, I Claudius); COLIN BAKER (Doctor Who); ARTHUR DARVILL (Doctor Who); BRUCE BOXLEITNER (Tron, Babylon 5); BRUCE DAVISON (X-Men, Star Trek Enterprise & Voyager); JOHN CHALLIS (Only Fools And Horses); BARRY HOWARD (Hi-De-Hi!) and Doctor Who companions KATY MANNING, SOPHIE ALDRED, DEBORAH WATLING, SARAH SUTTON and FRANCES BARBER.

Other stars meeting fans and signing autographs include MARSHALL LANCASTER (Ashes To Ashes, Life On Mars); ANTHONY VALENTINE (Coronation Street); IAN OGILVY (Return Of The Saint); ALEXANDRA BASTEDO (The Champions); SUSAN JAMESON (New Tricks, Coronation Street); PETER EGAN (Ever Decreasing Circles); FENELLA FIELDING (Carry On Screaming, The Avengers); MARTINE BESWICK (From Russia With Love, One Million Years B.C.) and many more!

The Winter Memorabilia Show will also play host to cast reunions from classic British comedies ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES and HI-DE-HI!, iconic sci-fi movie VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED and cult horror CAPTAIN KRONOS - VAMPIRE HUNTER.


For new special guest announcements and to find out which days the stars will be attending Memorabilia, please visit

For tickets to Memorabilia, visit:

Press Releases / Black Hawk The Intergalactic Gladiator
« on: November 04, 2011, 06:38:20 AM »
ISBN 978-1-907992-59-9                       £14.99                      Out 10th November 2011

From ancient Rome to outer space: the adventures of one of the first, and certainly the most unique, black lead characters in British comic books is being collected for the first time.

Black Hawk was a Nubian slave who rose up against his Roman masters, only for them to recognise his fighting skills and appoint him as a centurion at the head of crack platoon of prisoners and slaves were sent on only the most dangerous missions.

Originally a strip in the ill-fated Starlord comic, Black Hawk jumped to its stable mate 2000 AD in 1979, whereupon Black Hawk was whisked into space by an advanced alien race, who entered him into their gladiatorial arena against increasingly bizarre creatures.

Gerry Finley-Day and Alan Grant’s galaxy-hopping serial – The Dirty Dozen meets Spartacus: Blood and Sand – includes lush and dazzling artwork from Alfonso Azpiri and Massimo Belardinelli. A perfect volume not just for collectors, but also for fans of mind-bending fantastical action and stunning visuals!

Press Releases / Theme Planet by Andy Remic
« on: November 04, 2011, 06:37:37 AM »
Theme Planet by Andy Remic

Blazing into action on 8th December in the UK and 29th November in US & Canada

£7.99 (UK) ISBN 978-1-907992-10-0
$8.99 (US & Canada) ISBN 978-1-907992-11-7

Also available as an eBook

It’s better than sex! It’s better than drugs! If you haven’t been sick yet, you soon will be...

Welcome to Theme Planet, an entire alien world dedicated to insane rides, excessive hedonism and dangerous adventure - the No. 1 destination for fun-seeking human holidaymakers galaxy-wide!

Amba Miskalov is an Anarchy Android – beautiful, merciless and deadly. Sent to Theme Planet on a dangerous assassination mission, Amba stumbles upon a plot to undermine and destroy Earth’s all-powerful Oblivion Government – and its Ministers of Joy. Will Amba remain loyal to her creators and tormentors, support the enemy – or just annihilate them all?

The writer behind the popular Combat K novels returns with a new series set in the world of The Anarchy – another blistering SF journey that fans will love and new readers will find full of action infused adventure!


House of Fear: An Anthology of Haunted House Stories
Editor Jonathan Oliver and Solaris bring horror home with a fresh collection of haunted house stories by some of the finest writers working in the horror genre, including Joe R. Lansdale, Sarah Pinborough, Lisa Tuttle, Christopher Priest, Adam L. G. Nevill, Christopher Fowler, Paul Meloy and more.
£7.99     352 pages

Solaris and New York Times bestselling author James Lovegrove unveils a very different kind of vampire novel – one where they live among us, abhorred, marginalised, despised. The job of policing the ‘Sunless’ falls Captain John Redlaw - London's most feared and respected Sunless Housing and Disclosure Executive officer. But when the vampires start rioting in their ghettoes, and angry humans respond with violence of their own, even Redlaw may not be able to keep the peace.
£7.99     416 pages

‘Broken Britain’ at its worse from 2000 AD - Britain's longest running and most celebrated sci-fi comic. Cradlegrave is the ultimate urban horror from the extraordinary mind of writer John Smith and the pen of artist Edmund Bagwell. Plagued by ASBO-wielding gangs, boarded-up shops stinking with human despair scattered with piles of rubbish from a month-long binmen strike. But there are far worse things lurking on Ravenglade Estate.
£13.99   96 pages

Defoe: Queen of the Zombies
The City of London. 1669. Flesh-hungry undead hordes roam the city and prey on the living and Titus Defoe, a former ‘Leveller’ radical, must now fight to overcome the fiendish plans of the Queen of Zombies and uncover the rotten secret at the heart of Charles II’s government. This phantasmagorical riot through Olde London Town from the pages of 2000 AD is the perfect Hallowe’en present for the zombie fan in your life!
£14.99   144 page

Also available from Solaris, Abaddon Books and 2000AD…

The Concrete Grove (US & UK)

Book One of the Concrete Grove Trilogy
The Concrete Grove is a place where all your nightmares become real. Think of dark urban streets where crime, debt and violence are not the only things to fear. Picture a housing project that is a gateway to somewhere else, a realm where ghosts and monsters stir hungrily in the shadows...

£7.99/$7.99  432 pages

Regicide (US & UK)
Carl stumbles across part of a map to an unknown town and is determined to find the city. But if he ever finds himself in the streets on his map, will they turn out to be the land of his dreams or the world of his worst nightmares?
$7.99/£7.99   384 pages

The No Man’s World series

Black Hand Gang (US & UK)
Ironclad Prophecy (US & UK)

On November 1st 1916, 900 men of the 13th Battalion of the Pennine Fusiliers vanish without trace from the battlefield only to find themselves on an alien planet. Will they survive in a hostile environment, facing an inscrutable alien race?
£6.99/$9.99   320 pages

Loss of Separation (US & UK)
Commercial pilot Paul Roan has survived a plane crash and cheated death. But terrible dreams of a crippled black airliner screaming through the night, its pitted engines streaked with carbon and blood makes him fear the jet – and its terrible cargo – is coming back for him.
£7.99/$7.99   448 pages


Fiends Of The Eastern Front (UK only)
WEST BERLIN, 1980, and workmen discover the skeletal remains of Wehrmacht soldier Hans Schmitt clutching his journal - a dark tale of terrible creatures lurking on the Eastern Front during World War Two.
£9.99   96 pages

Judge Death: The Life and Death of... (US only)
Who is Dredd's nemesis Judge Death and where does he come from? The answer to these questions and many others can all be found here! From Death’s origin through to his final destruction – killing was his business!
$23.99   224 pages

Tharg's Terror Tales Presents Necronauts & A Love Like Blood (US only)
Eerie alien editor of 2000 AD, the Mighty Tharg presents Necronauts - world famous escapologist Harry Houdini must join forces with novelists H.P. Lovecraft, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and phenomenologist Charles Fort to defeat an unholy force which has followed him back from a place beyond human imagination...
$19.99   128 pages

Zombo: Can I eat you Please?
When flight 303 en route to Epsilon-6 orbital station crash-lands on the lethal deathworld of Chronos, all is not looking well for the thirty-three surviving passengers. Enter ZOMBO; a top-secret government experiment - part zombie, part human ghoul - with a taste for living flesh. Will our friendly (yet crude) hero be able to save the passengers from a hideously painful death? Al Ewing’s hilarious script and Henry Flint’s gruesome visuals make this a tasty 2000 AD treat for Hallowe’en.
£10.99   96 pages

Press Releases / Scifi clear-out
« on: November 04, 2011, 06:34:13 AM »
It’s Thursday, and just a few days to go until we can legitimately scare the local kids out of a year’s growth when they call around trick-or-treating with their little plastic tubs. Heh heh! Man, I do so love this time of year . . . and Nicky and I have bought new masks! Hoo hoo . . . I can’t wait.

We’ve pretty much got in signed copies of all the titles we launched at FantasyCon with just Book of Horrors - Little Green God.jpgthe Gutshot signing sheets still going the rounds.

Also going the rounds are the sheets for the PS/CD edition of Stephen Jones’s A Book of Horrors—believe me, that’s going to be quite a book. Anyway, everyone who ordered signed copies of the most recent titles (excepting Gutshot, of course) should be receiving their books by the middle of November . . . and that includes our wonderful Lifetime Subscribers (we love you guys)!

Also quite a book is the special slipcased edition of Stephen King’s 11.22.63. And we have a special treat for people who are buying it from PS because we’ve arranged with Hodder & Stoughton to print up special dust-jackets at our own expense (the volume is issued without a DJ, in line with previous 1,000-copy King editions in the past from Hodder). We’re expecting it to hit our doors in the next week or two.


We’ve got all manner of fabtastic stuff about to go to the printers including Scream Quietly, Stephen Jones’s 550-page 33-story celebration of the work of Charles L. Grant, which also features essays from Nancy Holder, Stephen Jones, Nancy Kilpatrick, Stephen King, Tom Monteleone, Kim Newman and Peter Straub.

We’re aiming to launch the book at the British Fantasy Society’s pre-Christmas knees-up at the Mug House in London on 9 December (also the historic date of the first cremation in the United States, back in 1772—hey, you learn something every day here at PS . . . c’mon, admit it!)

And finally, thanks to Publishers Weekly’s recent decision to accept pdfs for its reviewers and not insist on actual printed-up ARCs (Advance Reading Copies or Uncorrected Proofs), we’re drawing a line under the expensive and time-consuming practice of producing ARCs. To celebrate, we’re clearing out all of our ARC copies at £4.99 plus postage for the novellas and £8.99 plus postage for everything else. We have multiple copies of most of them and single copies of a few. Each title has a number registered and that number will be reduced as copies are sold. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Here are the titles:


Go ahead, treat yourself. You won’t see their like again.

Last week we slashed the price of all remaining paperbacks to just £2.99, many of which are signed — we are now down to the last one or two copies at the most. Likewise, the novellas, novels, plus a cracking array of collections and anthologies all priced at under £10 have sold well and will soon be gone for good. And finally, we have just a handful of signed slipcased editions which we are virtually giving away at £12.99.


    Night of Knives [unsigned paperback novel by Ian Cameron Esslemont]
    The Cosmology of the Wider World [signed paperback novella by Jeffrey Ford]
    20th Century Ghosts [unsigned paperback collection by Joe Hill]
    I Am The Bird [signed paperback  novella by T.M. Wright]
    The Voyage of Night Shining White [signed paperback novella by Chris Roberson]


    I Am The Bird [signed jacketed hardcover by T.M. Wright]  £6.99
    In Springdale Town [signed jacketed hardcover by Robert Freeman Wexler]  £6.99
    Dead Earth: The Green Dawn [signed hardcover by Mark Justice and David T. Wilbanks]  £4.99
    The Mermaids [signed hardcover by Robert Edric]  £4.99
    The Mermaids [signed jacketed hardcover novella by Robert Edric]  £6.99
    Twelve Collections and the Teashop [unsigned hardcover novella length collection by Zoran Zivkovic]  £4.99
    Hereafter and After [signed jacketed hardcover by Richard Parks]  £6.99
    Vault of Deeds [unsigned hardcover by James Barclay] £4.99
    Planet of Mystery [unsigned hardcover by Terry Bisson] £4.99
    The Enigma of Departure [signed jacketed hardcover by Nicholas Royle] £6.99
    The City in These Pages [unsigned hardcover by John Grant] £4.99
    The Economy of Light [unsigned hardcover by Jack Dann] £4.99


    Dandelion Wine 50th Anniversary Edition [unsigned hardcover novel by Ray Bradbury]  £9.99
    The Wandering Soul Essays & Letters by William Hope Hodgson [unsigned jacketed hardcover collection by Jane Frank (editor)   £9.99
    Impossible Stories [signed jacketed hardcover collection by Zoran Zivkovic]  £9.99
    Where or When [unsigned jacketed hardcover collection by Steven Utley]  £9.99
    Promised Land [signed hardcover novel by Jack Dann]  £9.99
    The Collected Ed Gorman, Vol 1: Out There in the Darkness [unsigned hardcover collection by Ed Gorman]  £9.99
    The Collected Ed Gorman, Vol 2: The Moving Coffin [unsigned hardcover collection by Ed Gorman]  £9.99
    The Grin of the Dark [unsigned hardcover novel by Ramsey Campbell]  £9.99
    Hello Summer, Goodbye [unsigned hardcover novel by Michael Coney]  £9.99
    Cage of Night [unsigned hardcover novel by Ed Gorman] £9.99
    The Last Book [unsigned hardcover novel by Zoran Zivkovic] £9.99
    The Pilo Family Circus [unsigned hardcover novel by Will Elliot]  £9.99


    Where or When [signed slipcase collection by Steven Utley]  £12.99
    Random Walk [signed slipcased novel by Lawrence Block]  £12.99
    The Pilo Family Circus [signed slipcased novel by Will Elliot]  £12.99
    Cage of Night [signed slipcased novel by Ed Gorman] £12.99

« on: November 04, 2011, 06:32:55 AM »

ISBN 978-1907992520                   $19.99                        OUT ON 15TH NOVEMBER 2011

ALAN MOORE FUTURE SHOCKS US - CopyBefore Watchmen, before V for Vendetta and before From Hell – the earliest works of the master of the comic book form, Alan Moore, are being brought together in a brand new collection.

The most famous and celebrated writer in contemporary comics, Moore’s work redefined comics around the world. But he cut his teeth and got his break working on five page self-contained tales for legendary British title, 2000 AD.

This extraordinary volume of Moore’s short stories perfectly showcases his developing mastery of the form. Such has been the demand that this edition has gone to reprint before it has even hit shelves.

This new North American collection, wrapped in a stunning new cover by Henry Flint, features artwork from many comic book legends such as Dave Gibbons, Bryan Talbot, Alan Davis, Ian Gibson, Steve Dillon, Brendan McCarthy, Paul Neary and John Higgins.

Moore’s other writing for 2000 AD included the celebrated classic The Ballad of Halo Jones and the outrageously funny D.R. and Quinch.

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