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Feedback / What is your favourite alien name??
« on: October 29, 2011, 12:11:27 PM »
Hello folks

OK, this is a subject that needs feedback. You know. The typing stuff with that keyboard in front of you.

What is your favourite alien name. We're not talking species but character name. Give a little detail for those who might want to check it out. See examples below.

I've always been partial to Arthur C. Clarke's 'Childhood's End' character, the 'Overlord' Karellen.
For female names, it's a toss up between Chanur from CJ Cherryh's 'Chanur' book series or Chiana from 'Farscape'. Must be something about C.

Feedback, people.


If you want one for favourite alien species name, then I'll run it as a separate topic.

Feedback / Which do you prefer books in?
« on: October 28, 2011, 12:36:24 PM »
Hello everyone

A poll based off the November 2011 editorial.

Which do you prefer? Paper or digital? Maybe you're not fussy.


Feedback / Would you like to have an extended life?
« on: October 28, 2011, 12:34:11 PM »
Hello everyone

This is a tie-in to November 2011's article 'The Problems Of Being Immortal'.

Although I think the definition and proof of being immortal is a bit difficult to lets call it extended life. Would you want to live for longer than a human normal assuming you kept healthy, looking reasonably young and kept your intellect?

Not even multiple choice.



Diary Date: Wednesday 6th December 6 – 7pm

 Forbidden Planet is pleased to announce a signing by Mike Carey. He will be signing The Unwritten Vol 4 at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on Wednesday 6th December 6 – 7pm.
Tom Taylor's father created the Tommy Taylor fantasy series, boy-wizard novels with popularity on par with Harry Potter. The problem: Dad modeled the fictional epic so closely to Tom's real life that fans are constantly comparing him to his counterpart. In Volume 4, after the shocking return of Tommy’s father, the mysterious Cabal audition a new assassin and Tom seeks out the source. The source of what? He’s not really sure, but it looks like a whale, and apparently it can be found in the Nantucket farmhouse where Moby Dick was written. What he finds is a path into a whole different ocean, with more trouble (and more whales) than he could possibly imagine.
 Mike Carey’s work in has encompassed everything from a biographical comic of Ozzy Osbourne to the astounding and Eisner Award-nominated Lucifer. The list of credits and titles to his name is as sparkling as it is long – and the publication of his Felix Castor series of novels have proved that he can move format without losing his insight, skill or passion. Mike has a first-class degree in English from Oxford and pre-dated his illustrious comics career with 15 years as a teacher.
 Forbidden Planet is the largest store of its kind in the world. Some of the biggest names in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comics and Cult Entertainment have come to our London Megastore for signing events, including: Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Terry Gilliam, Simon Pegg, William Gibson, Mark Millar, Guillermo Del Toro, Brian Froud and Stephen King.

For more news about our signings please go to:

Hello everyone

Now this issue is something that affects us all.

When a new DVD comes out and you find the Blu-Ray version has the longest version of the film. what do you do?? I hope I've got all the choices you can pick, if not, let me know and I'll add some more choices.

I can understand directors wanting to show how uncut they can make a film but to see this even before a director's cut is kinda pissing me off.

So pick an option and give me some ammo.


Press Releases / STRIP Magazine: Publication Delay statement 19.10.11
« on: October 19, 2011, 12:08:28 PM »
STRIP Magazine: Publication Delay statement

Despite our best efforts, the first issue of STRIP Magazine will not be on sale in UK comic shops tomorrow (20th) due to courier problems beyond our control.
We will advise of new on sale as soon as it is confirmed, but please be assured we're working closely with Diamond to get our first issue of our action-adventure anthology into UK comic shops as soon as we can.
Naturally, we are extremely disappointed and annoyed by this turn of events and we know that this news will disappoint many people waiting for the Magazine's debut.
As soon as we have definite news we will publish it on the Print Media Productions web site: www.printmediaproductions

Hello everyone

I've commented a few times that our reality is looking more like a Science Fiction reality so what makes it more SF for you??

Is it advanced computers, bionic technology, advanced medical treatments like CAT scans or what.

Let's have some feedback and comments on this, people.


Diary Date: Saturday 19th November 1 – 2pm

Forbidden Planet is pleased to announce a signing by Brandon Sanderson for his latest Mistborn novel, ALLOY OF LAW at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on Saturday 19th November from 1 – 2pm.
 Brandson Sanderson returns to the series that made his name with a new story set years after the events of Hero of Ages. In a world recovering only slowly from evil, a world where allomancers wield immense power through their ability to unleash the magic bound up in common metals someone who can burn metals that no-one has burned before can tip the balance... Sanderson has the knack of giving the epic fantasy reader exactly what they want. This ability has thrown him to the forefront of the genre and the dramatic story within The Alloy of Law shows off this skill to its very best.
 Brandon Sanderson was born in Nebraska in 1975. Since then he has written the Mistborn series, amongst others, become a New York Times bestselling author and been appointed by Robert Jordan's estate to complete Jordan's Wheel of Times. He lives in Utah.
 Forbidden Planet is the largest store of its kind in the world. Some of the biggest names in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comics and Cult Entertainment have come to our London Megastore for signing events, including: Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Terry Gilliam, Simon Pegg, William Gibson, Mark Millar, Guillermo Del Toro, Brian Froud and Stephen King.
 For more news about our signings please go to:

Conventions and events / Arcana and convention appearances
« on: October 15, 2011, 05:04:21 AM »
There are some BIG events here and coming in the convention world and Arcana is definitely in the mix, both as a company and its creators.

Be sure to look for these people at New York Comic Con this weekend!

Ryan Colucci - Harbor Moon - Artists' Alley Booth G6

Dan Moser - Chaotic Soldiers - Artists' Alley Booth N6

Shannon Eric Denton - Markus Fang and GRUNTS - Image Comics Booth 1346 - Saturday 6-7 PM and Sunday 12-1 PM.

Mark Poulton - A Cat Named Haiku, Koni Waves, Daddy's Little Girl, Khan - Image Comics Booth 1346 - 1-2 PM on Saturday and Sunday signing Avengelyne along with Rob Liefeld.

Kurtis Wiebe - Snow Angels - Image Comics Booth 1346 - Saturday 10-11 AM and Sunday 3-4 PM.

Dan Moser - Chaotic Soldiers - Artist's Alley Booth N6

Frank Barbiere - Divine Intervention - Atlas Incognita Booth 3045

Camilla d'Errico - Burn - Small Press Booth 2752

At Comikaze Expo, which will be at the Los Angeles convention center on November 6th and 7th, Arcana will be in attendance (Booth Number TBD), showing off some of our newest books and welcoming several creators for signings. Stay tuned for more news about that, but here are some of the creators appearing.

Brandon Easton - Shadowlaw

Siike Donnelly - Heaven's Echo

Mike Kalvoda - Banshee and Straw

Erik Hendrix - SideShows and Champions of the Wild Weird West

John Barker - Dead Cell

Matt Wilson & Josh Kenfield - Scrooge & Santa

Sean Patrick O'Reilly - Kade, Clockwork Girl, Hope Virus

Tom Pinchuk - Unimaginable

B. Alex Thompson - Lethal Instinct and Blood, Shells, & Roses

AMC To Begin Airing The Walking Dead Season Two
BuySoundtrax Records to Release Chillerama: Zom-B-Movie Soundtrack
(Los Angeles, CA –October 13, 2011) Bear McCreary falls victim to the zombie apocalypse, not once but twice this fall.  AMC will begin airing the second season of the acclaimed series The Walking Dead on Sunday, October 16th and BuySoundtrax Records has announced the November 2nd release of his original songs and score for Chillerama: Zom-B-Movie. To celebrate these two events, McCreary has launched a new version of his very popular website and blog
AMC’s critically acclaimed original series, The Walking Dead, is back with its highly anticipated second season.  Based on one of the most successful and popular comic books of all time, written by Robert Kirkman, AMC’s The Walking Dead captures the ongoing human drama following a zombie apocalypse. The series follows a group of survivors who are traveling in search of a safe and secure home. However, instead of the zombies, it is the living who remain that truly become the walking dead.  The show boasted the highest ratings for a cable series in 2010 and its season finale had the biggest average seasonal audience in the 18-49 demo of any drama in basic cable history.  Season 2 premieres with a 90-minute episode on Sun., Oct. 16 at 9/8c.

“This season of The Walking Dead is even more terrifying, gripping and emotionally-charged than the first,” said McCreary.  “I'm very excited to be back in this unique musical playground, working with dissonant string orchestra, electric banjo, detuned autoharps and other unusual instruments.  Fans will be thrilled with the creative direction the series and the score are taking for this next season.”
In the spirit of classic anthology films like Creepshow and Twilight Zone: The Movie and containing films that not only celebrate the golden age of drive-in B horror shlock but also span over four decades of cinema, Chillerama offers something for every bad taste. Zom-B-Movie was directed by Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2, Knights of Badassdom) and stars Richard Riehle (Office Space) and Brendan McCreary (the band Young Beautiful In A Hurry).  Chillerama will be available on DVD or Blu-Ray on November 29, 2011.
“My score for Zom-B-Movie,” said McCreary, “is both epic and simple, sophisticated and juvenile, terrifyingly dissonant and melodically tender.  Writing this music made me feel like a kid again; crouched before an analog TV set flickering with a VHS copy of Gremlins.”
Chillerama: Zom-B-Movie also gave Bear the opportunity to expand into two new areas: acting and directing.  Bear makes a cameo as a deranged painter using, well, an unorthodox medium for his work.  In addition, Bear directed a special music video for the film's closing credits, for the single "I Don't Want to Die a Virgin" by Young Beautiful in a Hurry.  The video is currently online at
The McCreary brothers will reunite again, this time joined by Brendon Small (Dethklok/Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse) on November 9th in Los Angeles for a special benefit.  Together they will join with a unique group of musicians--and Queen fans--to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s passing with The Show Must Go On -- a live performance of the music of Queen -- at The Roxy Theatre.  All proceeds from the concert and memorabilia auction will be donated to AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA), to help combat the disease that took Freddie from this world. 
"Queen was a rock band with truly orchestral sensibilities,” added Bear McCreary.  “Their melodies, harmonies and passion for lyrical storytelling place their songs amongst the most essential ever written."
October 16 8PM/9PM Central: The Walking Dead Season Two airs on AMC
November 2: Chillerama: Zom-B-Movie soundtrack available digitally and via
November 9: The Show Must Go On
“The Show Must Go On" band:
Lead Vocals: Brendan McCreary (Young Beautiful in a Hurry)
Guitar: Brendon Small (Dethklok and creator of Adult Swim's Metalocalypse)
Piano: Bear McCreary (composer of Battlestar Galactica and The Walking Dead)
Guitar: Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai); Rick Musallam (The Roots, Gwen Stefani)
Bass: Pete Griffin (Zappa Plays Zappa)
Joe Travers (Zappa Plays Zappa)
Backing Vocals: Raya Yarbrough (Battlestar Galactica); Felice Hernandez (Pretzel Logic); Ben Thomas (Zappa Plays Zappa)
November 9th, 2011, 9PM
The Roxy Theatre (9009 West Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA)
All Ages
Tickets: $35 available
All proceeds will go to AIDS Project Los Angeles

2000 AD® is heading across the Atlantic this week for the New York Comic Con – but is the Big Apple ready for this much thrill-power?!

The legendary British comic book, still at the cutting edge after 35 years, will once again being attending the show from Thursday October 13 to Sunday October 16 at the Jacob Javits Center on Eleventh Avenue, between 34th and 38th streets in New York.

And this year, 2000 AD is proud to announce a thrill-powered line-up of signings at Booth #1907 with some of the biggest names from the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic:

1pm       Simon Spurrier (X-Club, Crossed web comic, Gutsville)

11am     Rob Williams (Iron Age, Daken, Clas$$war)
1pm       Simon Fraser (Nikolai Dante, Lilly McKenzie)

11am     Al Ewing (Jennifer Blood, Judge Dredd, Zombo)
2pm       Andy Diggle (The Losers, Swamp Thing, Hellblazer) and Jock (The Losers, Batman)

There’ll also be a fantastic selection of 2000 AD US and UK graphic novels, as well as T-shirts that no self-respecting fan should be without.

Brace yourself, New York – Tharg the Mighty’s sending the boys in…


Diary Date: Tuesday 18th October 6 – 7pm

Forbidden Planet is pleased to announce a signing by Warwick Davis. He will be signing his fantastic biography Size Matters Not at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on TUESDAY 18th OCTOBER 6 – 7pm.
 Who else has helped destroy a Death Star? Defeated an evil sorceress? Taught magic to Harry Potter? Become a Jedi Master? Hitchhiked across the galaxy in search of the answer to the Ultimate Question? Or embarked on psychotic killing sprees as a gold-obsessed leprechaun? You’ll know Warwick Davis because, at three-foot-six, he’s ever so slightly below average height.
 George Lucas, Carrie Fisher, Val Kilmer, Ron Howard and Ricky Gervais (amongst others) have all chipped in to this astounding book Size Matters Not. Warwick A. Davis made his screen debut as Wicket the Ewok in Return of the Jedi. His extremely rare condition has led to a career as the world's leading little actor. He also runs Willow Management, an agency representing actors below five feet and above seven, and lives in Peterborough with his wife, Sam and their two children, Annabel and Harrison. This is an extraordinary story.
 Forbidden Planet is the largest store of its kind in the world. Some of the biggest names in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comics and Cult Entertainment have come to our London Megastore for signing events, including: Sam Raimi, Guillermo del Toro, Terry Gilliam, Christopher Lee, Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg, William Gibson, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett and Stephen King.


MILWAUKIE, OR, OCTOBER 5—Last year’s New York Comic Con saw the announcement of Dark Horse’s digital store. This year, we’re celebrating that anniversary in style with special-edition comics, in-booth events, and giveaways, as well as prizes for attendees of New York’s premier convention.

First of all, leading into the convention, Dark Horse will release a special three-part digital preview comic, showcasing eight pages of each of our new fall titles! Check out Tom Morello’s Orchid, P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast’s House of Night, and of course, Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s The Strain! This special preview comic will be available at on October 12.

That same day, Dark Horse will also release a special sixteen-page Mass Effect digital comic, featuring the previously released “Incursion” story from MySpace Dark Horse Presents as well as the “Inquisition” story originally featured on for 99 cents. Visit TODAY for an exclusive eight-page preview of the highly anticipated Mass Effect: Invasion series!

Spin the Dark Horse Digital prize wheel and win free digital comics! That’s right, show attendees can step up, spin our wheel, and win a fortune in credit in the Dark Horse Digital Store. One chance per customer per day, with the opportunity to win more than once throughout the show!

If that’s not enough, we will be giving away t-shirts all weekend long “tagged” with additional chances to win Dark Horse digital store credit!

Stay tuned for more news on Dark Horse’s New York Comic Con announcements and events daily



October 5, Milwaukie, OR— On Thursday, October 13th at 7:30PM, Tom Morello as The Nightwatchman, accompanied by the Freedom Fighter Orchestra will take the stage at the IGN Theater at the Javitts Center to play a riveting set for the New York Comic Con Kick-Off Concert.

The Grammy award-winning artist released The Nightwatchman World Wide Rebel Songs on August 30th and has been taking the country by political storm, one city at a time.

"The core of The Nightwatchman is dark matter," says Tom Morello. "But at the heart of every struggle, there's hope. So this is an album of rousing hopelessness—it's part Johnny Cash and part Che Guevara, part beacon light and part arson fire."

 Tom Morello’s graphic novel Orchid, which tells the tale of a 16-year-old street prostitute in a dystopian future, will be released in twelve issues through Dark Horse Comics will be on sale October 12th.  Orchid features a variant cover by the well-known and influential street artist Shepard Fairey, with interior art by Scott Hepburn (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic).

 “Orchid is part Suicide Girl, part Joan of Arc, who becomes the Spartacus of Whores in a story that merges the epic scope of Lord of the Rings with the politics of street terrorism.” – Tom Morello

Headlined by DJ Z-Trip, the concert is free to all VIP's and 4-Day ticket holders BUT seating is first come, first served and will be extremely limited due to size of the auditorium and popularity of the event. Ultimate Access, Special Access and Anime Access VIP ticket holders will be guaranteed to get into the show first; then, 4-Day ticket holders will be let in until the auditorium is full. The concert is open to all 4-Day ticket holders on a first come, first served basis and we cannot guarantee that all 4-Day ticket holders that want to attend the show will be able to get in.

"I'm stoked and honored to be playing alongside Tom Morello at the New York Comic Con. He's one of my favorite guitarists of all time, and I've always admired the level of consciousness he brings to the table. This show is gonna be great. Can't wait to read his new comic too." – DJ Z-Trip

Tom Morello is appearing courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, New York Comic Con and Midtown Comics – who will be selling Orchid #1 exclusively at the Kick-Off Concert.

“The world is in flux,” Tom Morello says. “People are standing up and fighting for their rights around the globe. It’s an important juncture we’re at—is anyone going to stand up? The Nightwatchman will stand up, and this is the soundtrack for that struggle.”

In an era of chaos and turmoil around the globe, the voice of The Nighwatchman is needed now more than ever. With so many artists all too willing to abdicate any position of protest and challenge, Tom Morello, and the international concerns of his World Wide Rebel Songs, offer essential tools for the social justice struggles of today.



October 5, MILWAUKIE, OR—How would you like to be on the cover of a comic? Now’s your chance! Get your photo taken at our green-screen photo booth at New York Comic Con, and we’ll give you a 4 x 6 inch photograph of yourself featured on the cover of one of the following awesome comics:

*Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel & Faith
*Star Wars
*Mass Effect
*Avatar: The Last Airbender
*Axe Cop

Be sure to check out the schedule below. Props will not be available, but feel free to bring your own!

Call for cosplayers! We’re looking for cosplayers to hang out at the booth and get their photo taken at the green screen in exchange for special schwag and prizes! Do you have a great costume for one of our green screens? E-mail us at [email protected] before Wednesday, October 12, at 5 p.m.

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