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Showrunner Steven Moffat on BBC1's breakfast programme 20 December 2011 declared that there was no 'Doctor Who' film in the works and if there should ever be one then it wouldn't step away from regular continuity.

Hope everyone is sighing with relief or whatever you use to relieve constipation.


Popular iPhone shooter goes free-to-play and gets upgrade

People have been blowing away zombies by their thousands, and now the company behind Judge Dredd vs. Zombies has released the first upgrade for the iOS shooter game.

As well as going free-to-play in the iTunes store, the Version 1.1 patch from Rebellion and Fuse Powered Inc. has adjusted difficulty levels and credit accumulation.

The game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad has been garnering five star reviews from players, who have loved the mix of high-octane action, upgradeable weapons and zombies galore

In Judge Dredd vs. Zombies, players are the Law, taking on the role of one of the world’s most famous comic book heroes as Judge Dredd declares a (second) death sentence on invading zombies. Using simple, “single-stick” controls, players shoot up zombies across thirty levels of over-the-top undead mayhem, unlocking weapon and equipment upgrades as justice is served.

Players can help Dredd punish the unlawful undead with his “Lawgiver” pistol and a devastating arsenal of powerful weapons, increasing their “Law Meter” by slaughtering the zombie horde and earning credits to unlock new guns and upgrades.

Key features include:

·         Thirty levels packed full of zombies to slay, set across three different episodes

·         Single-stick controls – minimal learning curve equals maximum excitement

·         Upgradeable weapons from the Judge Dredd universe - including the Lawgiver, the Spitgun, the Scattergun and the Hi-Ex Launcher

·         Equipment upgrades, from Body Armor to Iron Will – each with a different combat advantage

·         Star and commendation system – players are recognized for their shoot-em-up skills

·         Game Center support with 16 achievements to collect!

 Download Judge Dredd vs. Zombies on the iOS App Store for free at:

Hello everyone

The news on 16 December 2011 declares Karen Gillian aka Amy Pond is leaving 'Doctor Who' next season. Are you surprised or its about time as companions these days don't last more than a couple years these days.

Let's have some feedback, folks.


Galaxy’s Greatest Comics will be attending new comic convention in capital

The trailblazing British comic, 2000 AD, is to attend the country’s newest comic book convention.
The inaugural London Super Comic Convention will take place at the Excel Centre in London on 25th and 26th February next year.

Many of the guests are some of the biggest names to have worked for the House of Tharg, including Brian Bolland, John McCrea, Duncan Fegredo, Paul Cornell, Sean Phillips, Nick Percival and Mike Carey.

The 2000 AD booth will be stocked with all the latest graphic novel titles from the imprint, as well as comics and t-shirts.

The event joins the growing list of conventions in 2012 which will see an appearance from the ‘droids’ of, including the SFX Weekender at the start of February, San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con.

Matt Smith, editor of 2000 AD, said: “We're delighted to be part of the inaugural London Super Comic Convention, which features an impressive line-up of writers and artists attending. It should be zarjaz event that no comic fan should miss!”

“We are delighted that the largest and arguably greatest publisher that Britain has to offer, will be in attendance at our convention,” said a spokesman for the event.


Press Releases / ARCANA COMICS' - SideShows Free Poster Offer December 2011
« on: December 14, 2011, 02:12:39 PM »
ARCANA COMICS' - SideShows Free Poster Offer

  VANCOUVER (Dec 14, 2011) - Arcana Comics has a special offer for the holidays. Order a copy of SideShows, available for pre-order now through your local comic book shop and online retailers, and a copy of a limited edition poster will come with every copy of the book, shipping in February!

We're 175 Graphic Novels and 227 Characters strong and growing every month!

SideShows, which has received a great deal of attention the last several months since SDCC 2011, is available for pre-order now and as a special bonus for fans out there pre-ordering a copy through their local retailers, you will get a limited edition poster, ONLY available with the initial run of the book! The art is a new creation of book artist, Michael David Nelsen, but to give you an idea, below is an extended copy of SideShows!


With the end of 2011 approaching, and the build up to the Christmas festivities in full swing, Renegade Arts Entertainment has decided to get into the party spirit with a special gift package. For less than $20, until December 15th, you’ll receive one of every comic book and graphic novel Renegade has published in 2011.

Included is SHAME, the best selling graphic novel from John Bolton (Hellraiser, Man-Bat) and Lovern Kindzierski (Animal Man); SHADES OF GREY: 24 HOURS IN LONDON, the action packed comic book from William Simpson (2000 AD, Transformers) and Alexander Finbow, based on the film directed by Finbow; the first issue of the horror tour de force CHANNEL EVIL from Alan Grant (Judge Dredd) and Shane Oakley (Albion, Cthulhu Tales); and the upcoming, April 2012, collected edition of Richmond Clements and Alex Moore's TURNING TIGER.

If that wasn’t enough, Renegade will also throw in a limited edition DVD of their award winning movie adaptation of HP Lovecraft's The Outsider directed by and starring Doug Bradley (Hellraiser), your choice of one DOUG BRADLEY’S SPINECHILLERS audiobook CD, two limited edition posters and a preview comic of THE LOXLEY’S AND THE WAR OF 1812, that has only been available to retailers, convention attendees and a very limited number of comic book stores in Canada.

That's more than $50 of perfectly crafted stories for less than the price of a round of drinks at the Christmas party! This special Christmas offer will disappear in a puff of smoke on December 15th so grab it whilst it still exists, and becomes the stuff of legend, only whispered about in the dead of night.


We publish comic books, but only a few and we are very discerning on our choices. The mix so far has been from experienced A list writers and artists and newer blood who pitched projects just too good to turn down.

Some of our projects have come from within Renegade itself, like Alan Grant' and Shane Oakley's Channel Evil and Alexander Finbow and William Simpson's Shades Of Gray. These are projects that our creators are passionate about and all of us at Renegade believe are of the highest quality. For more information, please visit


This is a bit difficult to do as a poll without some nominations from you folk - sign in and write in.

What SF films have you bought on DVD this year have you watched more than three times and still going to watch a few more times.


PS Before you ask why I haven't put any choices myself yet is because I don't want to pre-empt any choices you might give.

Feedback / What sways your decision making process?
« on: December 08, 2011, 04:37:23 AM »
Hello everyone

Let's see if any of you lucky people want to contemplate and give an answer to this poll.

When you buy something genre related, do you consider future resell value ie a limited edition is likely to sell better than a bog standard DVD for instance.

There should be enough answers in the poll that match your taste. If there isn't, let me know and I'll add to the choice.

Vote today,




December 2, MILWAUKIE, OR—Series creator Joss Whedon brought Buffy the Vampire Slayer back to life with this comics-only follow-up to Season 7 of the television show. Now the wait is finally over for Buffy fanatics everywhere as Dark Horse announces the deluxe, oversized, dust-jacketed hardcover collection of Buffy Season 8!

This hardcover edition contains the first two arcs of the series (Buffy Season 8 #1–#10), written by Joss Whedon and Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man, Runaways), with art by the acclaimed Georges Jeanty. It includes two one-shots, a cover gallery, and exclusive, never-before-seen sketch material!

After the destruction of the Hellmouth, the Slayers—newly legion—have gotten organized, but it’s not long before new and old enemies begin popping up. Buffy, Xander, Willow, and a very different Dawn are introduced to the season’s big bad, Twilight, and are only beginning to understand the incredible reach of this mysterious threat. Meanwhile, rebel Slayer Faith teams up with Giles to handle a menace on the other side of the Atlantic. It’s a dirty job, and Faith is just the girl to do it!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Volume 1 is on sale May 30, 2012!

About Dark Horse Comics

Since 1986, Dark Horse Comics has proven to be a solid example of how integrity and innovation can help broaden a unique storytelling medium and establish a small, homegrown company as an industry giant. The company is known for the progressive and creator-friendly atmosphere it provides for writers and artists. In addition to publishing comics from top talent like Frank Miller, Mike Mignola, Neil Gaiman, Gerard Way, Will Eisner, and best-selling prose author Janet Evanovich, Dark Horse has developed such successful characters as the Mask, Timecop, and the Occultist. Additionally, its highly successful line of comics and products based on popular properties includes Star Wars, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Aliens, Conan the Barbarian, Mass Effect, Serenity, and Domo. Today, Dark Horse Comics is the largest independent comic-book publisher in the United States and is recognized as both an innovator in the cause of creator rights and the comics industry’s leading publisher of licensed material.

About Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products

A recognized industry leader, Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products licenses and markets properties worldwide on behalf of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Twentieth Television and Fox Broadcasting Company, as well as third-party lines. The division is aligned with Twentieth Century Fox Television, one of the top suppliers of primetime entertainment programming to the broadcast networks.

Press Releases / PS Publishing Roadshow -January 2012
« on: December 02, 2011, 01:30:12 PM »
The latest incarnation of the PS Roadshow (our answer to Ken Kesey’s psychedelic bus of Merry Pranksters) is currently being organized to touch down early next year on the English north west coast:
 •Friday 27 January (6 to 8 pm) at Waterstones in Liverpool
 •Saturday 28 January (6 to 8 pm) at Waterstones in Lancaster
The expected itinerary will most likely be thus:
 •6pm Introduction
 •6.05pm Paul Kane introduction and reading
 • 6.30pm Pete Crowther introduction and reading
 • 6.55pm Ramsey Campbell introduction and reading
 • 7.20pm Discussion panel and Q&A
 • 7.40pm Signing session

For the entire month of December—all the way through to midnight (England time) on New Year’s Eve—we’re offering all our books at 3 4 2 . . . or, in other words, three for the price of two. So all you need to do is buy three books and you get the cheapest completely free (though you’ll still be charged postage as usual).
The special deal also applies to other publishers’ wares, PS Artbooks, Stanza Press and Forthcoming Titles but not to any of our other Special Offers (so you can’t buy, say, a Rio Youers Triple Pack, a Six-Volume Comicbook Sub and a Bag Of Books and get the Triple Pack free of charge). But we reckon there’s enough goodies to go at there to tempt even the most jaded reading palette. And just think about how this could solve those tricky last-minute Christmas Presents you’ve been worrying about. So go for it, you warriors! Fill your boots!
With the recent (just two days ago now) delivery of Tomb Of Terror Volume 1, Adventures Into The Unknown Volume 1 and Forbidden Worlds Volume 1, the mailing room is buried beneath piles and piles and still more piles of comicbooks. Carol will be hard at it today (2 December) to get all the pre-orders wrapped and packed with a view to their going out no later than Tuesday 6 December. And my goodness, these books do truly look remarkable. Just one thing: the slipcased and traycased copies of Unknown and Forbidden Worlds aren’t ready yet cos we’re still waiting on the signing sheets. Tomb is fine.
But we’re not big on sitting back and congratulating ourselves for a job well done. Nossir. With Volume 1 of Black Cat Mystery about to hit the printers (Intro by Christopher Fowler, caricature of Chris by Graham Humphreys), Paul, Rob and Mike #2 plus the rest of the Artbooks team are already hard at work on Chamber Of Chills Volume 2 (Intro and caricature by Michael ‘Mr. Monster’ Gilbert) to be quickly followed by Chamber Of Chills Volumes 3 and 4 (with Rascally Roy Thomas handling the Intro chores in there somewhere) . . . and then the uber-special Chamber Of Chills Companion. Hey, like I’ve said before . . . do we love ya or do we love ya? (Oh, phooey . . . you already know the answer to that one.)

Fuse teams up with Rebellion to bring justice to the undead in new iPhone shooter

Fuse Powered Inc. (Fuse), publisher of top-selling iOS games, in partnership with leading UK development studio Rebellion®, today announced the release of Judge Dredd vs. Zombies for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

In Judge Dredd vs. Zombies, players are the Law, taking on the role of one of the world’s most famous comic book heroes as Judge Dredd declares a (second) death sentence on invading zombies. Using simple, “single-stick” controls, players shoot up zombies across thirty levels of over-the-top undead mayhem, unlocking weapon and equipment upgrades as justice is served. Judge Dredd vs. Zombies is available now on the App Store for 69p or $.99.

“When we met with Rebellion to discuss bringing their Judge Dredd brand to iOS, we saw right away that Judge Dredd vs. Zombies was a winning formula,” said Jon Walsh, CEO at Fuse Powered. “In one corner, you have an iconic character from one of the most-loved comic book series of all time, and in the other corner – an endless horde of zombies. Rebellion is a proven world-class independent console developer and we’re thrilled to bring The Law to the iTunes® App Store.”

Judge Dredd is THE Law in Mega-City One and he is none too pleased when zombies invade. Help him punish these unlawful undead invaders with the “Lawgiver pistol” and a devastating arsenal of powerful weapons. Increase your “Law Meter” by slaughtering the zombie horde and earn credits to unlock new guns and upgrades.

"From our first meeting with Fuse we realized that there was strong potential for a great partnership.  Their analytics, marketing tools and expertise are invaluable assets for iOS developers." said Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion. “It’s a great cultural fit. We get to do what we do best - make great games - and Fuse does what they do best - maximize each game’s chance of success.”

Key features include:

•             Thirty levels packed full of zombies to slay, set across three different episodes

•             Single-stick controls – minimal learning curve equals maximum excitement

•             Upgradeable weapons from the Judge Dredd universe - including the Lawgiver, the Spitgun, the Scattergun and the Hi-Ex Launcher

•             Equipment upgrades, from Body Armor to Iron Will – each with a different combat advantage

•             Star and commendation system – players are recognized for their shoot-em-up skills

•             Game Center support with 16 achievements to collect!

Download Judge Dredd vs. Zombies on the iOS App Store at:




November 30, MILWAUKIE, OR—Dark Horse’s digital evolution continues after seeing huge success with digital sales. Dark Horse Comics will now make their comics available digitally the same day they are on sale in comic shops.

Beginning December 14, all titles from Dark Horse Comics will be on sale the same day in both print and digital format, allowing new-technology readers to access their favorite comics at the same time as their print-oriented counterparts.

Dark Horse Digital launched its standalone comic-reader app earlier this year and received incredible support from the continuously growing digital-comics fan base, a new type of comics fan eager to adapt to new technologies.

Since then, Dark Horse Digital has grown significantly in numbers and readership with the additions of several key titles to the digital roster, including Star Wars, Buffy, Angel & Faith, and Dollhouse. Dark Horse Digital also provides weekly sales and discounts to its readers, currently offers over eight hundred comics, and continues to increase the digital availability of the Dark Horse back catalog. 

About Dark Horse Digital

Founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson, Dark Horse Comics has grown to become the third-largest comics publisher in the United States and is acclaimed internationally for the quality and diversity of its line. Now, in 2011, the company that revolutionized the comic industry proudly presents its groundbreaking digital-publishing program, Dark Horse Digital.

Having launched with hundreds of titles, Dark Horse Digital offers its most popular titles at an unprecedented value, while providing the highest-quality reading experience possible. Single-issue comics are priced as low as just $0.99, and there is also an extensive list of free introductory #1 issues. Additionally, DH Digital’s “bundles” group together story arcs spanning multiple issues into affordable packages, allowing readers to get the three or four issues that comprise a complete narrative, starting at just $3.99 and up. And through cloud-based technology, Digital Store purchases can be read and enjoyed on your laptop, desktop, mobile browser, and Dark Horse Bookshelf app, available now on iTunes.

To get started, simply log on to or download the app to create an account, and begin building your collection today.

Aub Driver


Publicity Coordinator

Dark Horse Comics


[email protected]

C: 503.610.8899

O: 503.905.2346


10956 SE Main St.

Milwaukie, OR



DISCLAIMER: The information transmitted is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon, this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. If you received this in error, please contact the sender and destroy any copies of this document and attachments.


The plague is coming and we want to know how you will survive.
Win a chance to get killed in the 2nd Story Arc of The Strain!

We're making preparations for the coming infestation, storing food, comics and weapons. The Strain #1 is on its way, infecting comic shops on Dec. 14th. And here's a little contest to get you excited for the comics from Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan, David Lapham and Mike Huddleston.

We want to hear how you will survive the vampire plague. In the comments below give us at least a 200 word description of how you plan to survive the coming epidemic. What supplies will you need? Where would you go to hide? Who would be with you? What weapons would you need? Give us all the details, we need help figuring out how we'd survive.

Official Rules:

1. Post a comment of at least 200 words on the Dark Horse Blog ( by 11:59p.m. PT on Sunday Dec. 4th, 2011 and describe how you plan to survive the coming plague.

2. Come back next week as we post the top 5 Survival Tales, once per day through Dec. 9th.

3. Starting Dec. 9th. come back to the blog and Vote for the best Survival Plan Through Dec. 13th.

***We'll post the winner on Dec. 14th, the release date of The Strain #1

The Winner of this contest will have their likeness drawn into one of The Strain arc two comics to be killed by a Vampire. We will finalize details with the winner individually.

The fine print: No purchase necessary. One online entry per person (one e-mail address per person/address). You must be eighteen years of age or older to enter. Contest entries only accepted if they are submitted by 11:59p.m. (PDT), Dec. 4th, 2011, to be eligible. Winner will be selected based upon the quality of submitted comments (as determined at Dark Horse's sole discretion) from all applicable entries and will be notified by Dec. 13th, 2011. Entry becomes the property of Dark Horse upon receipt. Entry constitutes agreement by winners to be publicized and permission to use each winner's name for the purposes of promotion of the Contest without further compensation. Contest void where prohibited. Odds of winning dependent on number of entrants.

Alien editor of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, Tharg the Mighty, has decreed that suitable earthlets are now allowed to purchase official 2000 AD® products through the Planet Replicas Ltd online shop.

All products are new and improved, and of excellent quality – offering a full range from keyrings and personalised judge badges through to complete, made to measure Justice Department Mega-City One judge outfits.

So, if you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your own Squaxx dek Thargo or out to dispense justice to Cosplay perps – there is something for everyone.

Check out the range at the Planet Replicas webshop at – it’s the law!

Published once a week in 2000 AD and monthly in the Judge Dredd Megazine, Dredd is judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one while his irreverent partner in crime-busting, Judge Cassandra Anderson, is a powerful psychic who uses her mind to root out lawbreaking.

Created by John Wagner with Carlos Ezquerra (Dredd) and Brian Bolland (Anderson), the pair patrol the dystopian streets on their huge Lawmaster bikes and dispense violent justice with their Lawgiver sidearms.


Log on to to see the whole range for yourself!

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