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All creators signing in our booth offer their autographs for FREE. FREE prints, comics, or posters are provided for signings (while supplies last). You may purchase or bring items to be signed. Please note that some of the titles listed below have not been released for sale yet—in those cases, special prints will be available.

Lines may also be closed for some signings due to crowding or time restrictions.

All events are subject to change. Some restrictions apply. Please ask the Dark Horse Comics staff if you have questions.


11:00 a.m.–11:50 a.m.  USAGI YOJIMBO: Stan Sakai
                                      JOE GOLEM, ALIENS: FIRE AND STONE: Patric Reynolds

 12:00 p.m.–12:50 p.m.  COLDER, THE WITCHER, MYSTERY GIRL, PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES: Paul Tobin
                                       BANDETTE: Paul Tobin, Colleen Coover

1:00 p.m.–1:50 p.m.  ETHER, MIND MGMT, PAST AWAYS: Matt Kindt
                                   DEPT. H: Matt Kindt, Sharlene Kindt
                                   WONDERFALL, LEAVING MEGALOPOLIS, TOMB RAIDER: Gail Simone

2:00 p.m.–2:50 p.m.  HELLBOY, B.P.R.D., BALTIMORE, LOBSTER JOHNSON: Mike Mignola
                                   SERENITY, HELLBOY AND THE B.P.R.D.: Chris Roberson

3:00 p.m.–3:50 p.m.  HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES, TWO BROTHERS: Gabriel Bá, Fábio Moon
                                   THE FIFTH BEATLE: Vivek Tiwary

 4:00 p.m.–4:50 p.m.  HARROW COUNTY, CONAN THE SLAYER: Cullen Bunn
                                   HARROW COUNTY, B.P.R.D. HELL ON EARTH, WITCHFINDER: Tyler Crook
                                   THE SHAOLIN COWBOY, THE BIG GUY AND RUSTY THE BOY ROBOT: Geof Darrow

5:00 p.m.–5:50 p.m.  MISFITS OF AVALON, BUFFY: THE HIGH SCHOOL YEARS: Kel McDonald
                                   GUN THEORY: Daniel Way


10:10 a.m.–11:50 a.m.  GRENDEL VS. THE SHADOW: Matt Wagner, Brennan Wagner
                                      TARZAN ON THE PLANET OF THE APES, NUMBER 13: David Walker

 12:00 p.m.–12:50 p.m.  KINGSWAY WEST: Greg Pak
                                      COLDER, THE WITCHER, MYSTERY GIRL, PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES: Paul Tobin
                                      PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES: Paul Tobin, Ron Chan

1:00 p.m.–1:50 p.m. THE GOON, CHIMICHANGA: Eric Powell

2:00 p.m.–2:50 p.m. DEAR CREATURE, THE NEW DEAL, GREEN RIVER KILLER: Jonathan Case

3:00 p.m.–3:50 p.m. TREKKER: Ron Randall

 Please join us at the panels below, brought to you by Dark Horse Comics and friends! Please visit for more panels featuring Dark Horse creators, as well as guidelines for attending panels.


10:30 a.m.–11:20 a.m.   Editing Comics: Where the Magic Happens (Panel Room 4)

With the shifting landscape of comics today, this is your invaluable guide to breaking into the industry and working with a powerhouse publisher. Join Dark Horse editors Katii O’Brien, Cardner Clark, and Shantel LaRocque for a rare behind-the-scenes look at the secrets of building successful comic and graphic novel programs.

1:30 p.m.–2:20 p.m.    Power Up! The Art of Video Games (Panel Room 4)

With Dark Horse, video game franchises found a foothold in comics. With a line of video game–related comics and deluxe art books, including the best-selling World of Warcraft Chronicle, the publisher now works with the biggest studios and brands in the business. Join Dark Horse editors Ian Tucker, Rachel Roberts, and Cardner Clark for a discussion on video game art and stories for Tomb Raider, ReCore, and more!

5:30 p.m.–6:20 p.m.     30th Anniversary of Dark Horse Comics (Panel Room 4)

Thirty years ago, Dark Horse arrived with an agenda different from that of any other publisher in comics. The young company was founded on the belief that comics creators should have the option to retain the rights to their own work, and it continues to be a highly fertile breeding ground for new characters, concepts, and more! Join Dark Horse masters of the craft Mike Mignola (Hellboy), Eric Powell (The Goon), Cullen Bunn (Harrow County), Chris Roberson (Witchfinder: City of the Dead), and Gail Simone (Wonderfall) for an exclusive look at upcoming creator-owned work from some of the biggest names in and outside the industry. Moderated by Vivek Tiwary, creator of the award-winning graphic novel The Fifth Beatle.


10:30 a.m.–11:20 a.m.    Kidz Comix Reading List: Back 2 School! (Panel Room 4)

Comics are a great way to get kids interested in art, reading, and storytelling—and, well, they’re fun! Join Dark Horse editor Shantel LaRocque and comics creators Matt Kindt and Brian Hurtt (Poppy! and the Lost Lagoon), Eric Powell (Chimichanga), Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo), and Kel McDonald (Misfits of Avalon) to discover and discuss the ever-growing library of incredible all-ages comics!

12:30 p.m.–1:20 p.m.    Artists Who Write: On the Craft and Creation of Comics (Panel Room 4)

Whether it’s an underwater murder mystery or a retelling of past histories, there’s a lot of thought put into the sequential art that drives stories told in comics. Join some of the industry’s best artists—Matt Kindt (Dept. H, Ether), Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon (Two Brothers), Kel McDonald (Buffy: The High School Years), Jonathan Case (Dear Creature), and Michael Avon Oeming (Aleister & Adolf)—as they discuss turning an idea into a full-fledged story and how they continue to keep their writing fresh.     

3:30 p.m.–4:20 p.m.   Dark Horse Manga (Panel Room 4)

Dark Horse’s history with Japanese comics can be traced back to the company’s earliest years, with a legacy that includes such legendary series as Lone Wolf & Cub, Berserk, and many more! Now Dark Horse continues to publish some of the industry’s best-selling titles, like Unofficial Hatsune Mix, I Am a Hero, Danganronpa, and the works of the creative powerhouse CLAMP. Join Dark Horse editors Carl Horn and Jemiah Jefferson and translator Zack Davisson for a look at the past, present, and future of manga at Dark Horse!
Dark Horse Creators' Panels


11:30 a.m. –12:20 p.m.  A Spotlight on Gail Simone (Panel Room 8)

Award winning creator with such titles under her belt such as Secret Six, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Birds of Prey, Action Comics, and so many more, Gail has proven to be an unstoppable force in comics.

12:00 p.m. - 12:50 p.m.  A Spotlight on Mike Mignola (Panel Room 3)

Creator (and killer) of Hellboy, Mike has been a staple of the comic world for decades. Come pick his brain about anything from creating one of the most iconic characters in modern comics to how he write and draws.

12:30 p.m. - 1:20 p.m. A Spotlight on Eric Powell (Panel Room 8)

The Goon has a cult hit since it’s release, and multiple Eisner winner Eric Powell isn’t slowing down. Come pick the brain of this monster expert to see what’s cooking up next.

1:00 p.m.–1:50 p.m.  Drawn Together: Art & the Artist (Panel Room 7)

This will be an intimate discussion of creating art for comics with two artists currently working for local publishers. Hear from Patric Reynolds, artist on Dark Horse's Aliens comic as well as another working artist.

2:30 p.m.-3:20 p.m.  A Spotlight on Stan Sakai (Panel Room 8)

For 32 years and over 150 issues, Stan has been crafting the unique world of Usagi Yojimbo. What goes into a life’s work? Here’s your chance to find out while he does live demonstrations of his art.

4:30 p.m.-5:20 p.m.  THE FIFTH BEATLE: EXCLUSIVE TV PILOT READING (Panel Room 6)

A reading of scenes from "The Fifth Beatle" TV pilot script, adapted from the award-winning graphic novel based on the life of Beatles manager Brian Epstein, and shooting in 2017. This will be followed by a discussion of the process of adaptation, using the selected readings to highlight and explore how the TV series will be both similar and different to the hit graphic novel. Additionally, exclusive new Kyle Baker art  from the The Fifth Beatle: Expanded Edition graphic novel (Dark Horse / in stores Oct 5) will be revealed.


10:30 a.m.-11:20 a.m.  A Spotlight On Cullen Bunn (Panel Room 8)

Whether it’s Sixth Gun, Deadpool, or Uncanny X-Men, Cullen brings the hurt. Join one of the most prolific writers in comics as he breaks down how he does it.

2:30 p.m.-3:20 p.m.  A Spotlight on Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon (Panel Room 8)

We’ve seen siblings in comics before, but these artist twins have taken their success and art to another level. With titles such as Casanova, Daytripper, Umbrella Academy, and more under their belt, a lot can be learned here about collaboration and technique.
Conventions and events / IDW Heads To Baltimore Comic-Con 2016
« Last post by Geoff the head Uncle on September 01, 2016, 01:38:17 PM »
IDW Heads To Baltimore Comic-Con 2016

IDW Publishing Returns To Baltimore With Guests, Exclusives, Panels, and More!

 San Diego, CA (September 1, 2016) –  Baltimore Comic-Con is back this Friday and IDW will be there greeting fans with convention exclusives, captivating panels, and an all-star lineup!
 IDW, in conjunction with DC Entertainment, will be unveiling a special convention exclusive at the show: Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hardcover, with a cover by TMNT co-creator and Baltimore Comic-Con Guest of Honor, Kevin Eastman. This 144-page hardcover collects the sold-out, smash hit series by James Tynion IV and Freddie Williams II. This special edition hardcover is limited to only 400 copies, and is available for $40 each at IDW's booth #2004!
 A special exclusive version of TMNT Universe #1, with a new cover by Kevin Eastman, will also be made available for sale at their Show Exclusives booth located in the show lobby.
 In addition to these limited exclusives, be sure to add these panels to your con schedule:
Friday, Sept. 2nd, 5-6pm, Room 339-342
 Come experience the latest from IDW! Join President Greg Goldstein, VP of Marketing Dirk Wood,
 along with the legendary Walter Simonson and other surprise guests as they detail current plans, awesome futuristic plans, and much more. Prizes, announcements, and Q & A! More than that too, but what else do  you need?
Saturday, Sept. 3rd, 1:30-2:30pm, Room 339-342
Kevin Eastman is the co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a publisher, a supporter of creator rights, and so much more. Join our Guest of Honor for a revealing look at his amazing career!
Saturday, Sept. 3rd, 5:00-6:00pm, Room 345-346
 This past year comics lost one of its modern greats and the Baltimore Comic-Con lost a friend. Join Frank Tieri, Billy Tucci, Dirk Wood, J.G. Jones, and more for this tribute to Darwyn Cooke.
Feedback / Re: Daisy sentient sentences
« Last post by Geoff the head Uncle on August 30, 2016, 03:10:26 AM »
Butterflies dancing a game of love in the sky.
Conventions and events / 2016 PAX West in Seattle Schedule
« Last post by Geoff the head Uncle on August 30, 2016, 03:08:12 AM »
Sunday, September 4, 2016
Composer Panel: Sphinx Theatre 10:00AM-11.00AM
Signing Session: Queue Room 11:30AM-1:00PM

Seattle, WA - On Sunday, September 4, hear from the award-winning composers of ABZÛ, ASSASSIN'S CREED, THE BANNER SAGA, BORDERLANDS, CALL OF DUTY, DEUS EX, DRAGON AGE, FALLOUT, FANTASIA, JADE EMPIRE, JOURNEY, MASS EFFECT, PRINCE OF PERSIA, QUAKE, SYBERIA, THOMAS WAS ALONE, TRON and VOLUME at the 2016 PAX West 'Maestros of Video Games' panel in the  Sphinx Theatre, Sheraton Seattle (10:00AM-11:00AM).

Then join the composers in the Queue Room, Westin (2nd Floor) at 11:30AM for a meet and greet / autograph session immediately following the panel.

The 'Maestros of Video Games' are:






Moderated by EMILY REESE, award-winning radio host and producer of "LEVEL with Emily Reese" podcast.

For more information:
'Maestros of Video Games' Composer Panel (10:00AM)

'Maestros of Video Games' Autograph Session (11:30AM)
Conventions and events / Radio Imagination 2016: Octavia Butler archive
« Last post by Geoff the head Uncle on August 26, 2016, 02:41:06 AM »
Radio Imagination: Artists in the Archive of Octavia E. Butler, organized by Clockshop, features six new commissions inspired by the Octavia E. Butler papers at the Huntington Library. The exhibition is part of Clockshop’s year-long program throughout 2016 celebrating the life and work of Pasadena science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler (1947-2006), and is on view in the Armory’s Caldwell Gallery from October 2, 2016 through January 8, 2017. A reception, free and open to the public, will take place on Saturday, October 1, 2016 from 6-8pm.

Radio Imagination: Artists in the Archive of Octavia E. Butler debuts new work by Laylah Ali, Courtesy the Artists (Alexandro Segade and Malik Gaines), Lauren Halsey, Mendi + Keith Obadike, Connie Samaras, and Cauleen Smith—contemporary artists working in performance, sound, installation, photography, drawing, and video. Forming an unprecedented collaboration with Clockshop, the Huntington Library in San Marino granted these artists access to work in Butler’s archive. The Octavia E. Butler Collection at the Huntington Library consists of 8,000 individually cataloged items and more than 80 boxes of additional ephemera. The commissioned artists comprise an intergenerational group of emerging and established artists, each with an affinity for Butler’s work and a long-standing interest in her oeuvre.

Radio Imagination: Artists in the Archive of Octavia E. Butler includes related programming. Courtesy the Artists’ performance will repeat three times on opening night across the street from the Armory at the Levitt Pavilion in Memorial Park. In addition, a tour of Butler’s Pasadena, led by Butler biographer and founder of the Octavia Butler Legacy Network Ayana A.H. Jamieson, will meet at the Armory on December 4. On October 19 an in-gallery talk will feature Radio Imagination artist Connie Samaras in conversation with writer Lynell George and on December 11 artist Lauren Halsey will talk with writer Fred Moten.

Additional Radio Imagination events happening this fall include a musical performance by Nicole Mitchell and a panel discussion on radical reproduction at the Huntington; and a screening of short films at REDCAT curated by Erin Christovale. For more information on this year long program please see
Feedback / Re: Daisy sentient sentences
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Clouds like dragons in the sky.
Intervention, Rockville’s Sci-Fi / Fantasy Convention announces major expansion to its programming and guests for its 7th year

Intervention: The Intersection of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Future Media in Rockville, Maryland is proud to announce a major expansion for its 7th year bringing you a “Dragon Con-style” Sci-Fi and Fantasy experience to the Mid-Atlantic area, but in a smaller, easy to navigate size.

Guests include Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who’s Rory Williams, Legends of Tomorrow’s Rip Hunter), René Auberjonois (Star Trek: DS9’s Odo), Juliet Landau (Buffy’s Drusilla), Thomas Dolby (Professor, Composer, Musician), Gigi Edgley (Farscape’s Chiana), Dwight Schultz (The A-Team’s Howling Mad Murdock, Star Trek’s Lt. Barclay), Todd Haberkorn (Hetalia, Fairy Tail, Star Trek Continues), Robert Axlerod (Power Rangers’ Lord Zedd), Jon St. John (Duke Nukem), David Gerrold (Writer, Star Trek: TOS), and many more actors, authors, filmmakers, webcomics and beyond.

Our programming reflects modern and classic Sci–Fi and Fantasy such as Farscape, Star Trek, Anime, the DC Comics TV Universe, and more multi-genre geekery. This draft grid can be viewed on our website (
 Autograph and Photo Ops will be available all weekend with the celebrity guests in what will be a rare opportunity to meet the guests in a low stress atmosphere and have real conversations. Only 1200 tickets for the con will be sold.

2016 will also see the launch of “Creator Spaces,” a set of half-table spaces offered at no charge where creators can take turns displaying and selling their goods. Intervention also prides itself on being a friendly, welcoming space for fans of all ages and backgrounds. Its harassment policy has served as a basis for many other cons’ policies. It also has a dedicated children’s programming track for families to share.

Intervention 7 takes place September 16-18, 2016 at the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville in Rockville, MD. Full weekend tickets are available at the pre-registration rate of $60 until Sept. 2nd 2016. Daily tickets also go on sale Sept. 2nd, 2016. Full Weekend Tickets at the door are $65. For more information about the event or to register, visit
Conventions and events / Baltimore Comicon - 03 September 2016
« Last post by Geoff the head Uncle on August 03, 2016, 12:08:29 PM »
BALTIMORE, Md., (August 3, 2016) -- On Saturday night, September 3, the comic book industry, including professionals, retailers, and fans, will gather at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore to honor the 2016 Harvey Award Nominees for 2015 comic work and present the Harveys to their recipients. This is an exciting evening, highlighted by our return host Vivek J. Tiwary, a #1 New York Times bestselling author, Tony Award-winning Broadway producer, and the founder of multi-platform arts and entertainment company Tiwary Entertainment Group.

Harvey Awards tickets are on sale NOW! Tickets to the event, which includes full cocktail hour (cash bar), full service dinner (featuring a Baltimore Crabcake!), awards ceremony, and a gift bag, are now available for $125. Tickets are available at our website via credit card at

Host Vivek J. Tiwary's graphic novel, The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story (Dark Horse Comics), is based on the untold life story of Beatles' manager Brian Epstein. On October 25, 2016, Dark Horse Comics will be publishing a special trade paperback Expanded Edition of The Fifth Beatle, featuring never-before-seen art, essays and more. Written by Tiwary, with art by Andrew C. Robinson and Kyle Baker, it received worldwide critical acclaim and won a number of prestigious literary awards, including two Harvey Awards (Best Original Graphic Novel and Best Biographical, Historical, or Journalistic Presentation) and the Will Eisner Comic Industry Award for Best Reality-Based Work. It is a Lambda Literary Finalist for Best LGBT Graphic Novel, an American Library Association Great Graphic Novel for Teens, and has been added to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives Permanent Collection. The Fifth Beatle is now being adapted into a multi-part TV event series that has secured unprecedented access to Beatles music. Vivek will be adapting his work for television and serving as executive producer.

Vivek has also just acquired the TV and film rights to Astronaut Academy, the middle-grade graphic novel series from bestselling author-illustrator Dave Roman (Agnes Quill), with plans to turn the books into both a live-action TV series and a film franchise, and talks are underway with writers, networks, and studios to adapt the coming-of-age adventure story set at a fantastical space station school.

Vivek's illustrated Young Adult novel Asha Ascending, with art by the award-winning Sara Richard (My Little Pony, Jem The Holograms, Ghostbusters) is currently being serialized chapter-by-chapter free at Taking place in a near-future where surgical implants access a virtual Internet, Asha Ascending follows teenage coder Asha Rai as she helps irresponsible party-boy Hal Haven save his mother's life, while they race against an evil faction to unlock the code to immortality.

"Hosting last year's Harvey Awards was the best night of my life in comics," said Tiwary, "I got to introduce beloved luminaries like Jules Feiffer and the late Darwyn Cooke, while honoring the creators of today's most inspiring work. But to quote Al Pacino -- 'I'm just getting warmed up!' See you in Baltimore!"

On Broadway, Tiwary's productions have won a combined 25 Tony Awards. They include such groundbreaking work as Green Day's American Idiot, The Addams Family, A Raisin In The Sun, and Mel Brooks' The Producers. Vivek is currently working with Alanis Morissette and Pulitzer and Tony Award-winner Tom Kitt to adapt Morissette's breakthrough album Jagged Little Pill for Broadway.

Vivek has served on the Board of Directors for Valiant Entertainment, a multi-platform company that boasts the third largest universe of comic book characters and has secured a 5-film deal with Sony Pictures.

Vivek held a number of major label music-industry positions working with artists ranging from Bruce Springsteen to Britney Spears.

In addition to hosting the awards ceremony, Vivek will be speaking on a panel and signing books throughout the weekend at the Baltimore Comic-Con.

Press Contact: Amanda Lundberg, [email protected]

The Harvey Awards are one of the comic book industry's oldest and most respected awards. The Harveys recognize outstanding achievements in over 20 categories. They are the only industry awards both nominated and selected by the full body of comic book professionals. Additionally, the Hero Initiative will present 2 awards to outstanding members of the comics community.

The Hero Initiative was established to aid comic creators with a financial safety net when in need of emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work. In the years since its inception, the board has created an award to recognize those individuals in the industry that have dedicated their talent over the lifetime of their careers to the comic book community at-large, achieving the status of Hero. Previous recipients include Denis Kitichen, Herb Trimpe, Sal Buscema, John Romita, Joe Kubert, Nick Cardy, Neal Adams, and George Perez. Who will be this year's lifetime Hero?

The Dick Giordano Humanitarian of the Year Award will also be presented at the Harvey Awards Banquet. Giordano, who passed away in early 2010, was part of Hero Initiative's Board of Directors. He was also a legendary artist, a guiding force at Charlton Comics and DC Comics for many years, a mentor to his colleagues, and a friend to all who knew him. His legacy epitomizes the caring and commitment Hero Initiative strives to achieve. In his honor, the Dick Giordano Humanitarian of the Year Award will recognize one person in comics each year who has demonstrated the generosity and integrity Dick brought to the charity, and to the comic book community at large.


General Admission and VIP Package tickets for Weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as well as the Harvey Awards, are now on sale! Visit for more information and to purchase your advanced tickets now, and as always, kids 10 and under get into the show free with a paid adult General Admission!

In the coming weeks, look for more announcements from the Baltimore Comic-Con. We are looking forward to highlighting our guests, the Harvey Awards, industry exclusives, and programming. The latest developments can always be found on our website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

Contact Information

Please use the following e-mail addresses to contact the Baltimore Comic-Con:
[email protected] - for any general press inquiries or to be added to our PR distribution
[email protected] - for requesting exhibitor, publisher, and Artist Alley applications
[email protected] - for inquiries about submitted registrations
[email protected] for the Harvey Awards ceremony and banquet
[email protected] for general Baltimore Comic-Con inquiries
About The Baltimore Comic-Con

The Baltimore Comic-Con is celebrating its 17th year of bringing the comic book industry to the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. For more information, please visit

About The Harvey Awards

The Harvey Awards are one of the comic book industry's oldest and most respected awards. With a history of over 20 years, the last 11 in conjunction with the Baltimore Comic-Con, the Harveys recognize outstanding achievements in over 20 categories. They are the only industry awards nominated and selected by the full body of comic book professionals. For more information, please visit
John Byrne To Appear At Star Trek Las Vegas 2016 Convention

Legendary Comic Book Creator John Byrne Will Attend His First Convention In A Decade

 San Diego, CA (August 2, 2016) –  Creation Entertainment’s 15th Annual Las Vegas Star Trek Convention 2016 kicks off this week and one of the special guests in attendance will be John Byrne, a titan in his field whose contributions to comic books cannot be overstated.
 Not only will Byrne be making a rare appearance at this week’s Star Trek convention, he will be signing copies of his Star Trek books for IDW Publishing at the IDW booth throughout the weekend. Please note that, in keeping with the theme of the convention, Byrne will only be signing his Star Trek works, including the brand-new New Visions Special “The Cage” photo-story, which will be making its convention debut here.
 Fans can meet Mr. Byrne at IDW booth #54 and get their Star Trek books signed in Las Vegas this weekend as well as pick up IDW's Convention Variant of the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Cover Celebration. IDW has commissioned a special triptych drawing by Star Trek artist J.K. Woodward chronicling the 50 years of Star Trek cast members and produced three variant covers. Each connecting cover is limited to only 250 copies, and the first cover, of Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation, will be available for sale at the IDW table during the convention at a cost of $10 per copy. The remaining two connecting variants are show exclusive variants for the Star Trek Mission show in New York City, and the 2016 New York Comic Con, respectively.
Conventions and events / DC Comics at San Diego Comicon 2016
« Last post by Geoff the head Uncle on July 22, 2016, 12:21:17 PM »
Now that the word is out about the incredible array of activities in the DC booth (#1915) at Comic-Con International: San Diego, fans are probably wondering just when exactly they should be lining up to get that autograph from their favorite writer, artist or movie star.

Have no fear, DC is here to help! Here’s the schedule of activities in the DC booth requiring a wristband during Comic-Con weekend.

This year, wristbands will be distributed differently from years past. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, wristbands for the below listed activities will be distributed in the Sails Pavilion of the Convention Center as part of the WB queue line. The line opens at 6am, and wristbands will be handed by a lottery system, not by a first come, first served basis.

Fans will come up and choose between a wristbanded event taking place in either the DC or WB booth (two separate booth locations). Once an event is selected (only one can be chosen), a raffle ticket will be drawn; if the ticket has a unique stamp, a wristband will be provided. If it doesn’t, fans can go back in line to try again. This lottery will be open to all, including exhibitors and professionals.

For the Batman Arkham VR demos, wristbands will be handed out on a first-come, first served basis for all demos scheduled between 10am and 2pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. For demos after 2pm, fans can go directly to the demo station in the DC booth for a wristband. On Sunday, fans can get their wristband at the Arkham demo station in the DC booth once the show floor opens.

Here’s the lineup for signings and events in the DC booth requiring a wristband:

Thursday, 7/21
10am-2pm Batman Arkham VR demos
2pm-6pm Batman Arkham VR demos (Wristbands to be distributed at the Batman Arkham VR demo station in the DC booth)
4:30-5:30pm DC Comics: Grant Morrison
5:30-6:30pm DC Comics: Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair

Friday, 7/22
10am-2pm Batman Arkham VR demos
2-3pm DC Comics: Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair
2-6pm Batman Arkham VR demos (Wristbands to be distributed at the Batman Arkham VR demo station in the DC booth)

3:30-4:30pm DC’s Young Animal: Gerard Way
4:30-5:30pm Vertigo: Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque

Saturday, 7/23
10am-2pm Batman Arkham VR demos
12:15-1pm DC Films: Wonder Woman cast signing Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen
1:15-2pm DC Films: Suicide Squad cast signing Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Jared Leto, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, Jay Hernandez, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Scott Eastwood, Cara Delvingne, Adam Beach, Karen Fukuhara
2-6pm Batman Arkham VR demos (Wristbands to be distributed at the Arkham demo station in the DC booth)
4-5pm DC Comics: Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair
5:30-6:30pm DC Comics: Scott Snyder, Jock

Sunday, 7/24
10am-4pm Batman Arkham VR demos (All wristbands for this day to be distributed at the DC booth)
Download the new DC All Access mobile app for a complete list of panels, behind-the-scenes coverage and in-depth interviews directly from DC’s web series, “DC All Access.” The app is available for free at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
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