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Author Topic: My Grecian Odyssey  (Read 379 times)

Aracelis Trayler

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My Grecian Odyssey
« on: June 29, 2011, 11:04:02 AM »
PS Publishing news - My Grecian Odyssey

καλημέρα! Or should I simply say, "kaliméra"?

That's Greek for "Good day" to you less-travelled types than Nicky and myself, jetting around the world, effortlessly crossing datelines while we sip ice-cold booze from airplane aisle trollies and negotiate complex publishing deals for obscene amounts of money on our cellphones.
But, you know . . . it was genuinely wonderful to get back, and I truly never thought I would ever say that about work. The thing is, doing what we do and working with all you folks out there in Pea-ess-land, is just a pure joy—and it's particularly satisfying to return to the office and find that Mike has kept everything in the absolute very best order. In fact, it seems that books have been flying out of our storage facility in record numbers—Bravo, Mike!—but there are still a few older titles that we'd like to scratch from the inventory. So I'm going to let Mike give some additional titles for you to try out. Hey, it's summertime, right, and the vacation season is fully upon us . . . so treat yourself to some things you wouldn't normally consider. It could change your life.
For the record, I think I changed mine a little—book-wise—while we've been away . . . and all thanks to Ramsey Campbell.
After repeated mumbled threats from Ramsey (and keen to try something a little different), I finally gave in and bought Kazuo Ishiguro's Nocturnes—Ramsey has been raving about Ishiguro for a couple of years but I just haven't gotten around to doing anything about it . . . and boy am I fed up that I left it so long. Nocturnes is a delight in every sense of the word . . . five novelettes (and no, it's most assuredly not genre) which, in the words of the cover blurb, are about "music and nightfall". Superb. Go buy it pronto. Ishiguro wrote The Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go—which I'll be starting soon—so believe me, I'm a firm convert.
Of course, I read a few things that didn't move me (hey, we were away for two weeks remember!) and we'll say no more about those . . . but the other two that pressed all my buttons were Ravens by George Dawes Green and Michael Harvey's private eye thriller The Fifth Floor: I read Green's The Caveman—aka The Caveman's Valentine—many years ago (three books in some 16/17 years: this man is *not* prolific) and loved it. And Ravens, with its sparkling Elmore Leonard-ish dialogue, is every bit as good. And in Michael Kelly, Michael Harvey has, for my money, come up with a PI who's almost as breathtakingly wonderful as Bob Parker's Spenser. There are a couple other titles with the same character so my order is already in. Yours should be, too.

Now, while I was away, Paul was down at the big ABC comics show at the Royal National Hotel in London showing off the first copies of Chamber of Chills Volume 1, the long-awaited debut volume in PS Artbooks' ambitious (reckless? screwball? downright barmy?) Harvey Horrors reissues programme. The response he got—with just three copies of each state flown in (the bulk is scheduled to dock at Felixstowe on 7 July and we're aiming to have all orders mailed out by the middle of the month) was euphoric. When Paul told me how good they looked—when I called in from Greece—I knew right there and then we'd got a winner. But now that I've seen the book myself, well . . . I think you're gonna be pleased.

The traycased edition is almost gone now and the slipcased state is half-gone, so bear that in mind when you're considering whether to take a shot. Pre-order pages for Witches Tales Volume 1 and Tomb of Terror Volume 1 will be up early next month and priority will be given on the signed states to those who signed up for Chills.



    Here's what Colin Harvey had to say about Lavie Tidhar's Osama on his blog.
    Finished copies of Steve Aylett's Rebel at the End of Time are expected any day now.

And of course our newsletter would not be complete with some offers to tempt you...

Following the last two week's offers, we have just about cleaned out the cupboard under the sink and are down to the very last few copies. We've updated the list, taking out those that have now gone out to happy homes and added a few more. And, by popular demand, we are extending the BUY 2 GET ONE FREE offer.


ADVANCE REVIEW COPIES — very few copies left

We were really suprised at how much interest there is in uncorrected proofs and advance review copies (ARC) from past titles and, alas, most have now gone for good. What we have left are all priced at £4.99 plus the postage.

The Seven Days of Cain [a novel by Ramsey Campbell]

Darkness on the Edge [an anthology of stories inspired by the songs of Bruce Springsteen]

Urbis Morpheos [a novel by Stephen Palmer]

The City Beyond Play [a novella by Philip José Farmer and Danny Adams]

Thieving Fear [a novel by Ramsey Campbell]

Starship Summer [a novella by Eric Brown]

Hello Summer, Goodbye & I Remember Pallahaxi [a double novel by Michael Coney]


VERY LAST CHANCE TO READ — only one copy left

We now have just a few stragglers left — plus some new additions that are now also down to the very last copy — as I said last week, once they are gone, they are gone.


Righteous Blood  [double novella by Cliff Burns]

Dear Abbey [signed novella by Terry Bisson]

Floater  [signed novella by Lucius Shepard]


Just Behind You [collection by Ramsey Campbell]

Everland and Other Stories  [signed collection by Paul Witcover]


The Crystal Cosmos  [signed novella by Rhys Hughes]

Moby Jack and Other Tall Tales  [signed collection by Garry Kilworth]

The Extraordinary Voyage of Jules Verne  [signed novella by Eric Brown]

PS Showcase #1: Sanity and Other Delusions [signed collection by Gary Fry]

Gig [novella by James Lovegrove]

Fain the Sorcerer [signed novella by Steve Aylett]


Past Magic   [signed collection by Ian R. MacLeod]

Banquet for the Damned  [signed novel by Adam Nevill]

Out of His Mind  [signed collection by Stephen Gallagher]

TWOC  [signed novel by Graham Joyce]


GOING, GOING, NEARLY GONE — only two copies left
The following titles are now down to the last two copies at the most, and all have been discounted.


20th Century Ghosts  [unsigned collection by Joe Hill]

Flavors of My Genius  [novella by Robert Reed]

Turns and Chances  [signed novella by Juliet E. McKenna]

No Traveller Returns  [signed novella by Paul Park]

On the Overgrown Path [signed novella by David Herter]

Postscripts Issue #3  [anthology edited by Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers]

I Am The Bird  [signed novella by T.M. Wright]

Postscripts Issue #9  [anthology edited by Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers]

Riding the Rock [signed novella by Stephen Baxter]

The Cosmology of the Wider World  [signed novella by Jeffrey Ford]


Postscripts Issue #4  [anthology edited by Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers]

The Mermaids  [signed novella by Robert Edric]


Living With The Dead [signed novella by Darrell Schweitzer]

Shrike [signed novella by Quentin S. Crisp]

Streaking [signed novel by Brian Stableford]

Streetcar Dreams  [signed collection by Richard Bowes]

The Clock King and the Queen of the Hourglass [signed novella by Vera Nazarian]

Turns and Chances  [signed novella by Juliet E. McKenna]

Jigsaw Men [signed novella by Gary Greenwood]

Jupiter Magnified  [signed novella by Adam Roberts]


Brighton Shock  [signed collection edited by Stephen Jones]

Escher's Loops  [signed novel - traycased by Zoran Zivkovic]

Fine Cuts  [signed collection by Dennis Etchison] The genre media magazine

My Grecian Odyssey
« on: June 29, 2011, 11:04:02 AM »