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Sarah Jane Adventures Season 4 - try to watch each episode before reading on.

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Geoff the head Uncle:
The Man Who Never Was – part 2

   Things weren’t quite what they were shown with the last episode.

   An existing black market in trading aliens would probably explain why there are so many extra-terrestrials on Earth in Torchwood. The Scullions are cute in an optical way even if there is a vague resemblance to a certain life-form on Tatooine with their dress sense.

   Beware of any computer technology that sounds too good to be true let alone too perfect. You would have thought that rather than try to sell a computer system that doesn’t really work that the person behind Serf couldn’t have made a bundle from the real hologram technology that they had.

   Note to Clyde and Rani, if you’re going to be reporters, not to forget their pens.

   A nice final story to the series with all the hints for the future left up in the air…or at least for possible novels.

   I defy anyone not to have a damp eye at the end. You’re sorely missed, Lis Sladen.



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