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EuroSteam Con - 29th and 30th September 2012!


Estin Dwarfslayer:
The goal of EuroSteam is to create a steampunk event literally spanning the whole continent.

For this reason we want to get in touch with steampunks from every part of Europe to organize the convention.

The plan is:

Get as many steampunk-themed pub moots, concerts, meetings, LARPs and whatever else the scene has to offer going on the same day. Then connect them all via the ætherweb and turn them into one event across Europe.

Additionally, there should be one bigger event in each participating country.

We are also looking into options of bringing steampunks in more remote locations to events, provided they get in touch.

bb blackdog:
We'll be running an event on the 29th in Nottinghamshire UK
Bands, Stalls, Side Shows.
More Details to follow, but see for more info.

Cheers Dale


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