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What SF film DVDs you've bought this year have you watched more than 3 times


Geoff the head Uncle:

This is a bit difficult to do as a poll without some nominations from you folk - sign in and write in.

What SF films have you bought on DVD this year have you watched more than three times and still going to watch a few more times.


PS Before you ask why I haven't put any choices myself yet is because I don't want to pre-empt any choices you might give.

Geoff the head Uncle:
Hello everyone

Perhaps I should put this topic into perspective now we're in a new year and you can look back at 2011 in retrospective.

For last year, I would have to say the 'Predators' film. I watched it twice for review and ended up watching it three more times.

Maybe we should run a poll of which is your favourite film series??


My son got the Thor DVD for Christmas and we have watched it three times now. Very entertaining.

Oh - and Iron Man gets watched quite frequently too. For some reason they don't seem so enamoured with the Iron Man sequel.



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