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Beyond Armageddon by Anthony DeCosmo


Has anyone been reading the Beyond Armageddon series of books? I bought the first book in the series to try out my Kindle. It looked to be a fun Sci-Fi novel about alien invasion and so it turned out to be. While not great it intrigued me and I bought the second volume, and the third and the fourth. Anthony DeCosmo's writing style has improved with each book. This is shown in the plot lines which are growing more complex.

As the name suggests armageddon strikes the earth firstly as a series of 'disappearances' and secondly by the arrival of half a dozen very aggressive alien species. Step forward your local friendly car sales man to save the world. He meets what could be called a guardian angel figure who gives him three gifts. After that, it's up to him to try and make the best of things.

It's a very interesting read and worth the purchase price.


Hi Andy,

I've not heard of this series before, but I'm always on the look out for new books and authors to try so I'll keep an eye out for this one.


Hello Andy

Have just finished book IV having read all 4 consecutively on my Kindle. It leaves a big hook for book V however I cannot locate it.
Can anybody help?

Also I can highly recommend "Saga of the Exiles" by Julian May consisting of 4 books. It is followed by a book linking to a further 3 stories based on characters from SotE.


Hi P!

Book v (Fusion) of the Beyond Armageddon series has not yet been published. The author has been posting replies to an Amazon.co.uk forum where he said that he was hoping to release book V in late December 2011.
(I went back and re-read the postings and he now says to expect Book V: Fusion to be released at the end of February or very early in March of 2012.)

As it is now 2012, I hope we don't have to much longer to wait! You can read the forum postings at:

With regards to Saga of the Exiles, I must admit I had forgotten about them. I think I read these just after they came out and was quite impressed. However, I must now re-read them as I might be getting them confused with another story about people being sterilised and sent back in time. Anyway, thank you for the recommendation - they have been added to my 'must read' list.


Hello Andy

Thanks for your reply. I will keep checking the Amazon forum and have my kindle all ready!



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