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Are there any SFF authors you truly hate?

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Marc the Noggin:
Are there any SFF authors you truly hate?

I think mine has to Gene Wolfe - never in the hisotry of the world have so many readers raved about such a badly written load of drivel. >:(

Tolkien must make this list - just truly terrible in every way. Yet idiots all over the world worship him. Why?

R.A. Salvatore and Weiss and Hickman.  Had to review some Salvatore and, foolishly, believed a friend who told me the Dragonlance books were really good.  They're not.

Heinlein, bleurgh.

Also, I just cannot get on with Poul Anderson (although there are things I admire in his books), and Asimov tends to bore me silly.

All of an era it must be said.

I've got a Terry Brooks 'Sword of Shannara' phobia that may be entirely unjustified!

I feel I should stand up for Gene Wolfe as I did enjoy the first series. I read them some long time ago and am not convinced I understood what he was on about. But chunks of it still linger in my mind, which doesn't happen with everything one reads.

As for Tolkien - love him or hate him, would the fantasy genre exist without him?


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