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Are there any SFF authors you truly hate?

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I don't think there's an author or authoress I hate, but I have tried and tried to get into Greg Egan's novels but I find them bewildering.


--- Quote from: Danne G on March 24, 2010, 01:38:27 PM ---George R.R. Martin!  The first books of the Ice and Fire saga were quite interesting, but he was SOOOOO long bringing the next books in the series that I lost all interest in his "work".  I for one, will no longer support an author who has so little regard for the fans of his work.  "A Feast for Crows" was junk, and wasn't even readable. 

There are too many good authors out there, IE David Weber, John Ringo and others, that produce satisfying series of books,  to waste time and energy on Martin's musings

--- End quote ---

Do you only enjoy books in series?   GRRM has also written several standalone novels in various styles.   

I think if we're talking fantasy, then series are part of the dna of the sub genre.

Geoff the head Uncle:
Hello everyone

Considering this is actually an SF website, logic dictates that most of us are less understanding of fantasy because its a genre that can cheat on everything from infra-structure to using magic to escape from trouble. This is quite the anthesis of SF which has to declare its ground rules to the readers.

Maybe the question really to ask is which SF authors cheat the readers.


Well, I've never managed to finish a Kim Stanley Robinson book - not sure that counts as hating but certainly the thought of reading another of his makes me sigh. Unfortunate really as some of them sound pretty good.

I used to hate William Gibson as an author. I read Neuromancer, thought it was awful and vowed never to read another of his ever again. Then a friend convinced me to try the Difference Engine and I thought it was ok, and now I'm reading his new one (Zero History) and I'm actually really enjoying it.

I think it's disappointment more than hate that I feel with many sf authors, ideas that sound so good and then fizzle out or end so abruptly it feels like I've been cheated.  Hate tends to be transient but disappointment at a rubbish ending lasts for a while.



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