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Are there any SFF authors you truly hate?

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Danne G:
George R.R. Martin!  The first books of the Ice and Fire saga were quite interesting, but he was SOOOOO long bringing the next books in the series that I lost all interest in his "work".  I for one, will no longer support an author who has so little regard for the fans of his work.  "A Feast for Crows" was junk, and wasn't even readable. 

There are too many good authors out there, IE David Weber, John Ringo and others, that produce satisfying series of books,  to waste time and energy on Martin's musings


Uncle Geoff is sending me another R.A. Salvatore to review.  What have I ever done to him?

Bribery works best, R.J.

Just send him a nice box set of StarGate Universe at Xmas time, and you'll soon find that your review books consist of the latest William Gibson and Al Reynolds novels!




--- Quote from: RJ on March 23, 2010, 10:00:35 AM ---R.A. Salvatore and Weiss and Hickman.  Had to review some Salvatore and, foolishly, believed a friend who told me the Dragonlance books were really good.  They're not.

--- End quote ---

Weiss as in Margaret Weis?  I have enjoyed her novels...I remember reading the Lost King and subsequent follow-on books many times as a young boy...thoroughly enjoyable.  So I'll respectfully disagree with you on that author.

@Steven -  I'll note that down  :).  Though I can't complain too much as Geoff snagged me Iain Banks last one and Lawhead's Robin Hood books.

@AKB197 - Maybe they got better.  It was the first one that I read and to me it was like reading a list.  'Then the elves did this and then they went there and did that.'   It's one of the very few books I didn't/couldn't finish and gave me no incentive to check out anything else by the authors.  Still, if we all had the same tastes life would be very dull.


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