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The Steampunk NZ Festival is in Oamaru this weekend!


The 2012 SteampunkNZ Festival weekend will launch on Friday with the winter masquarade from Smith's Grain Store today at 5.30 pm. This sets off a weekend of Steampunk shenanigans in the piece of living history that is Oamaru on New Zealand's South Island, including:

    Neave R. Willoughby and his Magic Lantern takes you through the History of steampunk
    Music Extravaganza and Dirigible/Airship Racing
    Steampunk NZ Fashion Show

It is all crowned with the Steampunk NZ Gala Ball!

Weta's own Kim and Warren Beaton will be in attendance as they have formed a special bond with the steampunk enthusiasts of Oamaru.


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