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2000AD goes to San Diego Comic Con 2012 - speaker/signing schedule


Geoff the head Uncle:
The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic is heading to the greatest show on Earth with a packed schedule of exclusive signings and panels!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 will be truly Dredd-ful this year as we celebrate the impending release of DREDD 3D in September. We’ll have top Dredd artist, Jock, all to ourselves, while we’re also entertaining Greg Staples, Pat Mills, and Clint Langley! We’ll also be revealing the details of the new Dredd series with IDW, plus unveiling some exciting news about 2000 AD’s future. All signings take place at Booth 2806, with details of the panels below.


Masters of the Web — featuring Karl Urban, with artists Jock and Greg Staples, the panellists include some of the top online bloggers and journalists. Room 24ABC, 4.30pm – 5.30pm


                EXCLUSIVE Jock sketching/signing: 11am – 1pm

                EXCLUSIVE first screening of Dredd, Reading Cinemas Gaslamp on 701 5th Ave., San Diego – 10pm


                Clint Langley sketching/signing: 11am – 12pm

IDW’s Chris Ryall, Dredd movie concept artist Jock, 2000 AD’s Matt Smith and Ben Smith, and some very special guests join moderator Douglas Wolk to announce the creative team of IDW’s series, talk about the return of the Dark Judges, and much more. Room 8, 12.30pm – 1.30pm

                EXCLUSIVE Jock sketching/signing: 2pm – 4pm


                Clint Langley sketching/signing: 11am – 12pm

                Greg Staples sketching/signing: 1pm - 2pm

                EXCLUSIVE Jock sketching/signing: 2pm - 4pm


                Pat Mills/Clint Langley dual sketching/signing: 11am – 1pm



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