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Why no YA in science fiction?

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Estin Dwarfslayer:
YA novels like Twilight, the Lightning Thief and Harry Potter seemed to have pulled the fantasy genre back into the mainstream.

How come there's no successful science fiction YA books?

Another nail in the coffin for science fiction and its aging, dying audience?



Science fiction has too many complicated ideas for YA books, not to mention the detard adults who read them.

Ohhhhh, a robot, I'm scared I might not understand how it works. And what's that thing you call 'droid'?

Morons, the lot of them.

Geoff the head Uncle:
We do get the odd bit of youth SF but its out-numbered by the YA fantasy.


I'll go along with the Iggster.

IQs and social intellect is too low among today's youth to read science fiction-based young adult material.

AKA they is 2 thick, innit.

Now pass me the Nintendo.

Geoff the head Uncle:
I've reviewed a couple YA SF in recent months and other than a moderation in language would do just as well in the adult market.



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