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SH, If you could work with any living genre author who would it be?

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Hi Stephen, If you could work with any livingn genre author who would it be?

Tricky one. Here's some living writers I'd love to collaborate with...

Terry Pratchett
Stephen King
Neil Gaiman
Larry Niven

But I do mean a proper collab. as opposed to 'you write my new book for me, I'll label it as mine' type sharecropping which uber-famous authorly types seem to engage in when they get older (or die).

How about authors passed away, any of those you would work with - if you could, I mean.


There's a list, now.

A.C Clarke, Heinlein, EE Doc Smith, Jack Williamson, Clifford D Simak, Dickens, Verne, Wells, the Bard.

The list is a long one.

We stand on their shoulders.

Geoff the head Uncle:
Hello Steve

I refuse to channel dead authors for you again. It took ages to translate what Jules Verne said.



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