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One will be rebooted - Firefly or Farscape?

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Surly Joe:
If SyFy is to reboot one TV series for the 2011 season, should it be Firefly or Farscape?

You vote. I know the SyFy executives follow this site, maybe they'll take some notice of the result!

Mr Snuggles:
Farscape was by far the better series.

This is a no-brainer, bring back Farscape!!!!


I say NO to MFI kitchens on space ships!

Bring back Farscape!!

Farscape was a great show, cool characters, interesting story - but it was a little too campy and cartoonish for my tastes. I thought Firefly was much better than Farscape.

Firefly had incredible characters, a great set, all sorts of mystery and back-story, was less campy and I really just liked it more.  That said, I don't think it has a chance of coming back, it seems like all the actors have moved on to other things. The likelyhood of getting the original cast back together - especially with Joss Whedon saying time and again that it's not coming back as a TV show - is about nil IMO.  But if it does come back I will be ecstatic :)

I would say that Firefly was the better series.

Farscape was okay, but it never really had a clear plot-arc, apart from get John home, and every time I tuned in, it was almost like looking at a different series.

Firefly was short enough that it never got into this problem, of plot-creep.



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