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Joe Abercrombie - superstar or derivative mush?

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Granny Warostzcki:
I have finally borrowed the novel 'The Blade Itself' from my brother. I think it is very, very good and can't wait to read the next one in the series.

He thinks it is derivative sub-Tolkien mush with a peppering of ultra-violence (and light romance), cynically inserted to make it popular with the wider reading public.

We can't both be right.

Vote for me or my brother here!

Granny W.

I don't see any reason why he can't be both!!!

Estin Dwarfslayer:
I have a soft spot for Abercrombie's novels.

Don't expect anything too deep or profund, but as pure entertainment, they are expertly crafted.

The fantasy elements are kept to a bare minimum, though, so as not to scare the horses for the non-fan audience. You could almost be reading a historical adventure for most of the books, beyond the invented lands.

No dragons here. Lots of blood and guts, though. Love it!!!

I quite like Joe's writing - it's fun, if dark.

J.A. is more addictive than he should be.

More violent too.


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