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I've been a fan of steampunk for several months now. A girl at a bookstore reccomended I pick up The Court of the Air, and right now I'm reading Rise of the Iron Moon. Stephen Hunt's got the gift. Cherie Priest's Boneshaker is also pretty good IMO.

I'm an aspiring writer, and I've got some sci-fi stories at

Hi Disreputable_Stave,

Welcome to the forums :-)

I think you'll find that once you get the taste for steampunk it's pretty hard to get rid of it! You might like to try The Affinity Bridge by George Mann (the first in a series featuring Newbury and Hobbes), or The Difference Engine by William Gibson if you're hunting for more steampunk fun.

hope to see your posts around here in the future,


Hello there, the Disreputable Stave

Well, my books are prob. considered more fantasy with a Victorian level culture, rather than true steampunk (in the League of Ex. Gentlemen-stylee), by those of a stovepipe hat-wearing tendencies...

Nice to see you here, anyhow!


The stories I'm currently writing are set during the French Revolution. Since it's set earlier than most steampunk I've read, only two airships have been built in France--and even those two were so prohibitively expensive they plunged the country into crippling debt, leading to the Revolution. I've taken historical figures and events and "tweaked" them to fit my narrative. I was pleasantly surprised to find out just how many Frenchmen thought up technology that finds its way into steampunk.

Sorry, the link I provided doesn't seem to work very well. A much better one is


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